Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package Review (I Bought It!)

Andy Snyder and the team at Manward Press are out with a new presentation for the Manward Letter. There, they revealed three next gen cryptos that could be even bigger than Bitcoin. Find out what’s included in Andy Snyder’s Crypto Profit Package in this Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package Review.

Andy Snyder’s Crypto Profit Package Review: Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin

Manward Letter Crypto Profit Package Review: What is the Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP)?

Andy Snyder is a founder of Manward Press. He and his team developed their Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP) which is considered the core of their investment recommendations. With Modern Asset Portfolio they recommend having small portion of your money in cryptocurrencies. It does not require huge investments to totally transform your portfolio because you never want to invest more than you can afford to lose. The best part in crypto sector is that a little investment can bring you big returns.

If you would like to learn more about crypto world, you can subscribe to their monthly newsletter called Manward letter. Manward Press calls it their flagship publication. Subscribers receive current economy analyses and research. By subscribing you can learn how to protect yourself from dangers in the market and have access to investment opportunities.

Manward Letter Review
Manward Letter Review

Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package Review

In this presentation he is talking about blockchain technology and how people are starting to realize that crypto sector is not just about creating digital currency. The blockchain is simply a digital ledger and data storage system. With each new transaction, it creates a new block “chained” to the previous one.

According to Forbes: “The blockchain is poised to become the dial tone for the 21-century global economy”.

Andy Snyder describes the new approach of the blockchain: “The blockchain is a new way to create decentralized industries like crypto banking and trading. It popularized a fascinating new concept known as smart contracts, which allow the blocks on the blockchain to be given instructions on how and where to move money”.

Mark Cuban said that we’re “going to see the blockchain-ization” of virtually everything in the days ahead.

In the video Andy is talking about mining – the process of creating a Bitcoin. How transactions are verified and secured. The reason why he goes in these details is to help us understand Bitcoin’s limitations. To understand why Bitcoin is considered “too slow”. The reason is because it is capable of being used for only 4.6 transactions per second. For people that are not familiar with this area, Visa cards are used for about 1,700 transactions per second.

Turns out Ethereum also does not scale well. During its process it makes copy of its blockchain on every server in the system. It was fine for a while, but the last few years network usage exploded. It’s made Ethereum’s network slow and increases the cost of using it.

Andy is sure that Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s disadvantages will make people turn to more efficient Next Gen Cryptos.

Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package
Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package

What Are Andy Snyder’s Next Gen Cryptos?

Snyder believes that right now there are exciting new opportunities to invest in crypto that could become bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto investors are not focused on Crypto. Quietly they are starting to buy three “Killer Coins”. Right now, they are cheap but Snyder’s predictions are that in near future they will be more valuable than Bitcoin.

The first coin that he recommends was developed by Charles Hoskinson. He is one of the original founders of Ethereum. Andy calls it EKCoin. It is short name of Ethereum Killer Coin. Within the next three months it will offer the smart contracts and decentralized services in fast network that operates cheaper than Ethereum. These advantages could help EKCoin not only to replace Ethereum network. Its mission is to create fully decentralized financial services industry. It could be used to borrow or lend loans, transfer cash, buying insurance or getting mortgage through smart contracts.

Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package: What is the EKCoin?

The EKCoin which has the potential to revolutionize the currency markets, is currently trading for less than $2. Compare it with Ethereum’s cost of nearly $2,000. With exciting news soon, investing now could bring huge upside potential.

What is the EKCoin
What is the EKCoin

Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package: What is the IKCoin?

In this video Andy Snyder reveals his second Next Gen Crypto. He calls it the “Internet Killer Coin” or IKCoin. He believes it is going to be the disrupter to Big Tech and centralized internet under their control. It will allow websites to be uploaded to the IKCoin network using blockchain, instead of on web servers with IP addresses. The IKCoin network replaces IP addresses with identifiable blockchain addresses. This change will allow unlimited addresses to be created in the future.

The great thing is that IKCoin just began selling. For the first few months it’s already quickly moved to the top 24 currencies. Andy’s expectations are to move up to the top 10. At such a great price today, it is a low-risk option with higher reward potential compared with other cryptos.

By subscribing to Manward letter, you can get full instructions on how to buy these Killer Coins in Andy’s special report called “2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin”.

What is the IKCoin
What is the IKCoin

Andy Snyder Crypto Profit Package: What is the ICoin?

Subscribers receive special bonus report “The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting from the Hottest Play in DeFi”. Andy and his team recommend it for yield-parched savers. In this report you can find a solution of zero present interest rate policy around the world.

Rather than turning to banks, some altcoins are offering to pay yields to those who use their coins. Currently there are about seven available options. The Best option as per Andy’s research has unique platform that gives users the chance to supplement their retirement income by collecting the highest yields available. Andy calls this coin “Income Coin” or “ICoin”. The best about it is that it automatically moves a user’s investment to whoever is paying the highest yield, so they always get the best possible rate. He is talking about yields of 12% and even 20% on deposits.

What is the ICoin
What is the ICoin

Are you one of us that gets confused from all these crypto nicknames and loads of information to analyze. Many people do not understand the process how to enter the crypto space and how it all works.

Andy has put together a guide to help anyone to understand how to navigate crypto. It is called “How to Go from a Crypto Zero to a Crypto Hero: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Crypto”.

What exactly is included with Manward Letter?

If you subscribe to Manward letter you will receive a bundle of different reports and bonuses:

Manward Letter Inside

  • 12 months of Manward Letter, with monthly commentary on stocks, in-depth research, options trading, and information about cryptocurrency market
  • Access to their model stock portfolio, updated daily with current hold, buy and sell ratings
  • Bonus report “2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin”. Andy calls them EKCoin and IKCoin. He believes these coins will replace Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • BONUS step-by-step crypto income guide: “The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting From the Hottest Play in DeFi”. This is solution to the current inflation and zero rate savings bank accounts.
  • A BONUS guide “How to Go From a Crypto Zero to a Crypto Hero: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Crypto”. This guide is for beginners that would like to enter the world of crypto but do not know where to start.
  • Access to their entire library of premium investment research and training videos and ideas to build your wealth. New bonus reports and benefits are added all the time
  • Access to the full Manward Letter archives from the last few years
  • Weekly comments and alerts with position updates
  • Invitation to live Video calls and online “town hall” meetings with Andy Snyder as well as other events to keep subscribers informed on what is happening and how it affects their wealth

Manward Letter Pricing and Refund Policy

Manward Letter refund policy

Subscribers can choose from three options:

  • Premium 1-year subscription for digital and print subscribers for $79. It includes three special bonuses: “LibertyCoin: The Perfect Crypto for Building Wealth and Liberty”, Exclusive video: How to Find the Hottest Technology Stocks of Tomorrow… Today and “Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future”
  • Standard subscription includes digital (via email and website) and print subscription to Manward Letter for $129
  • Basic subscription Includes a digital-only one-year subscription to Manward Letter for $49 ($79/year after)

If you decide that Manward Letter is not right choice for you, you will receive full refund if you call within 365 days after your purchase. You will keep all reports received by that date.

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