Brad Thomas Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program (I Joined!)

In a recent presentation, Brad Thomas of Wide Moat Research discussed a potential income opportunity through Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program. He states that Wall Street billionaires have profited from the program and that an SEC filing indicates they will once again receive a $3.2 billion payout from Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program.

This article will elucidate Brad’s interpretation of Amazon’s Royalty Program, its components, and the means of entering it.


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What Is Brad Thomas Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program?

Brad Thomas is of the belief that a part of Amazon’s substantial profits, amounting to billions of dollars annually, is distributed via what he refers to as Amazon’s secret royalty program.

And he claims to have found an IRS loophole allowing regular Americans to make $28,544 in “royalty” payouts.

You can earn “royalties” from Amazon every year without owning stock, selling anything online, or even being a Prime member. This loophole is the real deal!

According to him, all you need is a simple brokerage account.

Receiving a secret dividend from Amazon is a possibility.

Brad Thomas claims that the majority of Americans are unaware of this secret program, but he is exposing it.

Brad claims that a secret program has been paying wealthy investors. This is supported by an SEC Filing.

According to Brad Thomas, purchasing Amazon’s secret royalty program guarantees ownership of one of Amazon’s largest warehouses.

Amazon doesn’t actually own all of its warehouses, according to Brad Thomas. Instead, they rent a large portion of the space they need from a smaller partner company.

When an individual invests in a smaller company that owns a warehouse, they gain proprietary rights to a crucial asset that Amazon requires for its business.

Being an owner entitles you to legally collect a percentage of the royalties Amazon pays.

If you’re a part-owner of a warehouse that Amazon uses, you get a share of the fees they pay to use it.

According to him, it is analogous to earning a fee for every instance Amazon dispatches a package from their warehouses.

He now claims that the payment you receive is directly proportional to your investment. In simpler terms, the amount of money you invest in these landlord companies determines your returns.

Brad states that the only requirement is purchasing and retaining ‘buy and hold’ stocks, which generate royalties for as long as they are owned.

Brad Thomas has prepared a report with details on investing in these companies titled “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program”: The Easiest Way to Collect Up to $28,544 Per Year From Amazon.”

“Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program”: The Easiest Way to Collect Up to $28,544 Per Year From Amazon."

This report contains information about two partner companies that offer this opportunity. You can get that report for FREE when you sign up for Brad Thomas Intelligent Income Investor.

Intelligent Income Investor – What is It?

Intelligent Income Investor is a financial newsletter helmed by income investing expert Brad Thomas.

Using decades of stock market and real estate experience, he and his team bring you the safest income-generating ideas to help you consistently and reliably boost your bottom line, regardless of market conditions.

Intelligent Income Investor is the place where Brad Thomas shares lessons, investing tips, little-known strategies, and some of his favorite types of stocks – all with a focus on safety and financial freedom.

About Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas is the founder of Wide Moat Research. He has over 30 years of investing experience.

Wide Moat Research is an independent investment research firm that focuses on a broad range of income-focused opportunities.

Wide Moat Research team of analysts tap into the power of portfolio diversity as a key to success.
One method is seeking out the best dividend growth ideas. They select companies with long-lasting competitive advantages (wide moats) that pay dividends come bull market or bear.

They also target lesser-known credit, bond, real estate and high-yield opportunities. By spreading their investments across a broad range of sectors and strategies… and allocating intelligently… they place a focus on building safe, dependable income.

Wide Moat Research takes a granular approach to analyze investments using fundamental analysis. Brad Thomas and his team at Wide Moat Research screen each and every recommendation for its ability to create trustworthy profit margins over time. Their selection process is unparalleled in terms of the in-depth research they do. And they always set up their trades to get a discounted price.

As Brad has said – and reiterates often – “Always insist on quality stocks that have demonstrated a successful history of dividend growth. Then make sure that you are buying these high-quality stocks at a discount…”

Brad’s focus is on cutting through the hype and noise and investing in reliable, consistent income-based strategies. That helped him become the most widely read analyst on Seeking Alpha, with more than 100,000 followers…

The author of three real estate investing books – including his latest, The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide – podcast host, and public speaker, Brad also teaches at NYU and guest lectures at Cornell, Penn State, and Georgetown.

His work has been featured in ForbesKiplinger, Fox, US News & World ReportMoneyGlobeStreet, CNN, NPR, Institutional Investor, and more.


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Brad Thomas Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program: Final Word

Brad Thomas recently released a new stock pitch about what he’s calling ‘Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program.’ According to the presentation, this so-called ‘program’ can help everyday Americans earn $28,544 or more in ‘royalty’ payouts.

When you sign up for a 1-year subscription to Intelligent Income Investor, you’ll get your full “Royalty Retirement” package.

This “Royalty Retirement” package will show you how you can collect up to $28,544 in “royalty” payouts (or more) every year based on the size of your stake — mandated by U.S. federal law.

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