Jeff Brown Super Shock Portfolio Review – Is It Legit?

Jeff Brown and the team at Brownstone Research are out with a new presentation titled “The Super Shock.”

In this new presentation from Brownstone Research, Chris Hurt is interviewing Jeff Brown, a former tech executive. They are talking about hot topics in our current global issues. Most importantly, Jeff Brown reveals what’s coming.

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Jeff Brown Super Shock – What Is All About?

You probably will agree that current situation around us is very disturbing. Prices of goods and services are exploding. Gas prices skyrocket by double digits.

People are waiting months to buy new car. Used and new cars prices reached record high.

Home prices surged. We are in a housing market where the demand is record high and the supply is record low. Homebuyers are paying hundreds of thousand dollars over the asking price.

Million Americans are without work. At the same time labor shortage unleashes jobs crisis.  Business owners are struggling to find workers for low-paying service industries.

On top of that the world supply chains are breaking down due to the lockdowns, shifts in consumer purchasing patterns, and other complications. Companies in America and around the world are facing many challenges, losing control of where and when they will get their products. This ongoing supply crunch is just the catalyst for larger historic technological event.

Jeff Brown calls it Super Shock.

When Super Shock hits, it will disrupt every aspect of our life. From technology, crypto, manufacturing, education, healthcare, you name it.

Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an Angel Investor who’s personally invested in more than 300 startups. Some of them have reached tech unicorn status.

Graduated from Purdue University as Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineer, Jeff has master’s in science from London Business School where he focused on management and corporate finance. He holds professional certificates from Stanford, Berkeley School of Law, MIT.

Jeff is very passionate about technology, he has excellent education, and he is lifelong learner.  But he also has incredible career, and he has gained experience with many different sectors in high tech. He spent 20 years living and working in Asia. During the 4G boom, he was serving as the President of Juniper Networks in Japan as well as President of NXP Semiconductor Japan. We have to mention that he was the head of Global Strategy and Development for a division of Qualcomm.

His boutique investment research firm Brownstone Research constantly delivers profitable investment recommendations and detail insights to its subscribers. His team made number of big calls over the years. They recommended Bitcoin back in 2015 where they were one of the first to see the crypto trend. They predicted the dotcom crash, the 2008 housing bubble, the Covid crash in 2020. Jeff was early investor in the crypto exchange Coinbase. Today Coinbase is publicly traded company.

Jeff’s research is showing that something BIG is about to happen. The biggest technological disrupt that the world has seen. Super shock that will trigger a fundamental shift in our economy. It will have a huge potential for individual investors in America.

And all starts from…..

The real reason for the supply crisis

Current supply shortages are just one symptom of a much larger issue. The real problem is lack of PEOPLE. Our old supply chain depends entirely on human labor – from shipping ports to air freight. These people (truck drivers, warehouse workers, shipping clerks, dockworkers, etc.) are not showing up for work. This shortage of workers is impacting every single industry. America’s shipping crisis will not end any time soon.

In fact, the shortage in labor is so big that now it has its own name: The Big Resignation. For the last 40 years we’ve been transferring all our manufacturing to China and Southeast Asia. During this time, we had rapidly grown middle class. They are not interested in low paying, high risk jobs. We no longer have the people with experience and infrastructure to fix this supply chain problem.

So, the trillion-dollar question right now is: How are we going to solve the problem and build new, better supply chain?

Chris has the answer, and it is actually very simple: Technology!! If you do not have people willing to work, then you must find a replacement for the lost labor. People who ride the wave of this new trend stand to make a small fortune.

Jeff Brown Super Shock Review

In short, the Super Shock is the breaking point where using the technology is cheaper and easier than using human labor. Jeff calls this Smart Automation. It combines two of the most profitable, innovative technologies. Jeff believes it will solve the human capital crisis that is shaking our economy. It will change how we operate nearly every business.

Artificial Intelligence makes up the smart part of Smart Automation. When you combine robots with advanced sensor technology, controlled by artificial intelligence, it will work flawlessly. It will not depend on the human operator. It can learn from its mistakes, and even find better, more efficient ways to complete the task. This means less downtime, more efficiency, and lower prices.

For many of us, this technology sounds like science fiction that will take many years to become reality. In fact, this technology is already here. Jeff is sure that Smart Automation has trillion-dollar opportunity for early investors.

Many billionaires, hedge funds and venture capital firms like Softbank and Andreessen Horowitz are moving in. Investors who position themselves in the right companies today could make serious gains.

When is the Super Shock coming?

No need to wait. It is already here. Soon we will have the chance to bring back to USA the manufacturing industry and start fresh with latest technologies and innovations. This will be the opportunity to make massive profit.

Some of the examples of robots that are already solving the problem with human labor shortage are:

  • 3D industrial printers in construction industry
  • Robot vacuums
  • Robot lawn mowers
  • Self-checkout in grocery stores
  • Boarding kiosks
  • Self-order kiosks
  • Flippy – the burger flipping robot that works for just $3 per hour
  • Since 2018 autonomous heavy load trains have travelled nearly 7 million miles
  • Countless more

You do not have to worry about someone calling in sick or missing a shift. They are always there, working 24/7.

Companies that are already using this technology already had their run. Unless you got in early, you’ve missed the chance to make profit on them. Many are private companies, out of reach of the regular investor.

How to Invest In Jeff Brown Super Shock?

Jeff’s research pointed out few companies where you can get in at a good price and still have the chance to see huge profit from this new era in automation. He and his team prepared a report where you can find all necessary information to start. It is called “The Age of Automation.”

Jeff Brown The Age of Automation Report

Inside you will find the names and the tickers of Jeff’s recommendations. You will also find details why he believes that we should invest in these exact companies. He even tells us how much to pay for these stocks to maximize the profit.

While disruptions like this one have created massive wealth for some people, it did the opposite for others. To avoid making mistakes to invest in the “wrong” company, Jeff is giving away his second report called The “Super Shock” Blacklist: Companies to avoid.

The “Super Shock” Blacklist: Companies to avoid

Inside you will find names of the companies that you should avoid. The reason is that some companies will be obsolete by the Super Shock. Some are too slow to adapt, others run up so high and are not worth to buy right now.

Jeff’s third report is called “Super Shock Winners: How AI is shaping the future of work.”

Super Shock Winners: How AI is shaping the future of work

He talks about the companies driving Smart Automation through software enhanced with AI. This is where he believes is the biggest upside potential. Companies listed in this report have the best technology and a chance to make the biggest gains. They are the ones that will shape the future in their respective industries.

You can get all the reports above for FREE, wneh you subscribe for Jeff Brown’s monthly research: The Near Future Report

Get Jeff Brown Super Shock Portfolio Here

If you haven’t done your research yet, and you need information from a trusted source. The Near Future Report might be a good choice to make the best possible decision about your financial future.

What is The Near Future Report and how does it work?

The Near Future Report is Jeff Brown’s flagship research service. Every month is published a new issue where Jeff and his team explain the latest tech trends and point out one or more companies who have the chance to profit from it. This gives the chance to the subscribers to invest in what’s hot BEFORE everyone else hear about it in the mainstream media.

We recommend you review the information in their website to get familiar of the work they have done and the success they’ve been able to bring to their readers.

The typical price for this service is $199 per year. Use this link for a lifetime deal…. $49 for a full year subscription. It includes 12 issues and the three special reports mentioned above.

As far as we know, this is the only research service in the world that’s targeting big gains in groundbreaking technologies like Smart Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, 3D printing and much more.

Here is recap what is included in this subscription for only $49 per year:

Jeff Brown Super Shock Portfolio

  • 12-issues of The Near Future report with new recommendation each month. You will receive Jeff’s top way of playing AI, blockchain, 5G, robotics and the most exciting tech trends.
  • 24/7 access to Jeff’s model portfolio. Last year his gains were as high as 450%. Members receive full access to every pick, including open dates, buy-up-to prices, and action steps.
  • Access to Jeff’s digital vault with every issue and all reports ever published, including “How to Make a Tax-Free Fortune from Cryptocurrencies”, “Jeff’s #1 5G Pure Play”, “The #1 Stock “Behind” Quantum Computing” and other reports on self-driving cars, genetic editing, and precision medicine.
  • Weekly updates and urgent alerts so you can stay ahead of the market. Make sure to download their mobile app.
  • US based customer support to help with questions every business day from 9 am to 7 pm ET.
  • Featured report: The Age of Automation (Value $199) with portfolio of companies that are considered top players in this space.
  • Bonus Report 1: “The Super Shock Blacklist: Companies to avoid (Value $49). Do not ignore the list with companies that you should absolutely avoid.
  • Bonus Report 2: Super Shock Winners: How A.I. is shaping the future of work (Value $199). In this report, you will find detail info of the companies that Jeff believes have the biggest upside for investors.

If you purchase The Near Future Report using this link, you will receive 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

And if for any reason you decide it is not for you, just call their Florida based team. You will also get to keep the three free reports.

Hurry up, the longer you wait to take advantage of the “Super Shock”, the more money you could be leaving on the table.

Closing Remarks On Jeff Brown Super Shock Portfolio

The “Super Shock” isn’t something that’s happening in the far and distant future.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW.

The Great Resignation has caused the biggest supply chain disruption in history and it’s only going to get worse.

And as more Americans “opt-out” of the labor market… businesses have one real option left to keep their doors open.

“Smart Automation.”

From computer ordering kiosks and robotic burger flippers…

To farms operated by drones and sensors…

To “Machine Vision” replacing assembly line workers…

The automation of labor is set to change life as we know it and drive demand for this new technology even higher. Investors who position themselves in the right companies today could make serious gains.

And it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We’ve already seen billionaires, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and some of the biggest tech companies in the world pouring money into this new technology.

Now is the time to get in early, so you have the chance to reap the benefits for years to come.

Get Jeff Brown Super Shock Portfolio Here

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