Nova-X report by Michael Robinson: Who will benefit the most from $10 billion FAST Plan initiative?

The Nova-X Report is where Michael Robinson and his team will bring you their most exciting investment research in technology sector as 5G finally makes its way into the mainstream. 

How to make a large windfall by investing in 5G technologies?

Most Americans spend more than six hours a day on the Internet. During the pandemic most of us haven’t even left our homes and thanks to the internet we were able to continue our regular life by working from home, learning from home, socializing from home, shopping from home, even entertaining ourselves from home.

Internet is our window to the world. That’s why stocks of Teladoc, Blue Apron, and Zoom have exploded.

And just as our public health system has become strained because of the coronavirus. So is the Internet. America’s Internet needs an urgent upgrade. Looks like 5G technology is the solution. That’s why every smartphone manufacturer and Internet provider has been pouring insane amounts of money into 5G. Here is why…

What is 5G FAST Plan?

The FCC and U.S. Federal Government Have Just Launched a New $10 BILLION Initiative to Accelerate the Deployment of 5G Across the Country…It’s part of a program they call the 5G FAST Plan.

And this FAST Plan is the reason you finally have the chance to make real money from 5G… depends on your investment. Potentially huge returns – just as quickly as the 4G stocks delivered their returns.

In his video Michael Robinson claims that he knows which companies will benefit most from this $10 billion FAST Plan initiative. 

What is The Nova-X Report?

Since launching the Nova-X Report, Robinson and his team gave his readers the opportunity to make money almost every single year.

With the Nova-X Report, they are dedicated to finding new ways that make money in any market, good or bad. This research service isn’t just about showing you how you can make money anymore. It’s about showing you how to protect your wealth, too.

Last year in 2019, subscribers had the opportunity to close out 24 double- or triple-digit winning trades out of 31 total trade recommendations.

Reports included with Nova-X subscription?

Here is list of everything that is included as part of the 12-month subscription:

  • Nova-X monthly reports include market research, investment recommendations and analysis in areas like: Quantum computing, advanced military weapons, genomics, the blockchain, life-saving medical devices, and artificial intelligence.
  • The Final Push for 5G is a document that contains names and details of the companies who are likely first in line to reap the rewards of the government’s 5G FAST Plan. It tells you exactly which stocks Nova-X team believes are poised to soar from the moment 5G finally hits the mainstream. Companies that produce fiber optic cables, 5G cell towers, component makers, and even 5G chips. The few companies that own 5G real estate are going to become CASH KINGS. And investors in these companies can take their own slice of this fortune.
  • The 2020 Data Profit Plan – The amount of data used on average has increased 2,650% between 2010 and 2019. Who profits most from this increase in data? It’s the companies responsible for storing data in the “cloud” – and transmitting it straight to your smartphone. The ones who own HUGE warehouses (like these) filled with rows of computer servers. In this report you will find two data warehouses that consistently hand out payments to their stockholders.

Services included with Nova-X subscription

In addition to the reports listed above subscribers will receive also:

  • 24/7 access to the Nova-X HQ. Inside you’ll find the Model Portfolio where you can keep track of all of Robinson’s recommendations in one place.
  • Cash-In Alerts – giving you the full details on how to sell an investment and maximize any profits…
  • Intelligence briefings – handing you the “insiders view” of the most profitable, breakthrough industries. Plus, you’ll get regular updates on 5G, the market, and the American economy.
  • Cell phone notifications – an optional extra that notifies you of every update, alert, and briefing as soon as they’re issued…
  • Video alerts – with the inside scoop on the latest opportunities…
  • The Nova-X Connection is networking forum where you get access to a massive network of Silicon Valley CEOs, investors, and board members. Through this Network, You’ll Get a First Look at Some of the Most Exciting Technology Investment Opportunities.

By now, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to subscribe. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What is the cost of Nova-X Report membership?

Standard Package costs $47 per year and includes:

  • A One-Year Subscription to the Nova-X Report ($299 value)
  • The Final Push for 5G ($149 value)
  • The 2020 Data Profit Plan ($99 value)
  • PLUS: An exclusive recording of talk with a legendary 5G dealmaker ($199 value)

VIP Upgrade is the best deal for $77 that includes

The VIP Package gives you an upgraded two-year membership to Nova-X Report and includes:

  • Upgraded TWO-YEAR Subscription to Nova-X Report (a $598 value)
  • The Final Push for 5G ($149 value)
  • The 2020 Data Profit Plan ($99 value)
  • PLUS: An exclusive recording of Robinson’s talk with a legendary 5G dealmaker ($199 value)

Both plans have 60-day money back guarantee.

In conclusion, if you have any questions about the research service and how it works, I encourage you to contact their customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: PNVXW701.

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