Ray Blanco BESS Investment – Legit Or Scam?

Ray Blanco BESS Investment could soon dominate the world of energy. Blanco believes also that BESS will permanently transform the financial world and will pave the way for a new digital technology network.

Ray Blanco BESS Investment Review: Overview

Ray Blanco is Chief Technology Editor at St. Paul Research. This is A financial publishing firm located just an hour outside Washington, D.C. For the past 11 years he has shared his technology investment ideas with more than 80,000 people around the world. His recent research led him to believe that BESS revolutionary technology could soon dominate the world of energy. Blanco believes also that BESS will permanently transform the financial world and will pave the way for a new digital technology network.

For people that haven’t heard of BESS we will go deeper into Ray Blanco’s video and get some details of his research work. You will also receive FREE of charge the name of the #1 company that is set to soar from the BESS battery boom.

Ray Blanco BESS Investment – Watch Ray Blanco’s Presentation here

Ray Blanco BESS Investment – What Is It?

BESS is a combination of two game-changing innovations, merged, to create one new disruptive technology. One of these innovations is the energy storage battery much more powerful than the lithium-ion battery.

For the first time in the human history humans will be able to store energy from cheap, renewable sources of power, like solar and wind. These big storage batteries turn solar from an inconsistent source of electricity into a 24-hour power plant.

Ray Blanco reveals details how he was able to find this secret Tesla project. He believes that combination of the infinite power of the sun or wind with Tesla’s battery can produce unlimited supply of cheap energy.

According to Forbesthis solar-plus-battery storage project generates power at
half of the cost of natural gas.

As per Blanco we are standing on the ground floor of new battery boom. Lithium-ion batteries have become so cheap in the last few years, and now they became affordable for applications to industries different than electric vehicle industry – like energy storage.

Battery storage is just the first component of BESS. Big batteries are just pieces of hardware. But when you program them with another game-changing innovation, you get a truly novel smart technology called “BESS” a.k.a “Battery Energy Storage Systems”.

BESS is a computerized network of smart batteries that can automatically make decisions on the best time to store energy, and the best time to use it up.

Ray Blanco BESS Investment – Watch Ray Blanco’s Presentation here

Ray Blanco BESS battery boom

This digital technology of the internet revolution is finally disrupting the 100-year-old power grid. This is battery revolution!

Ray calls this battery revolution “The Internet of Energy”, where millions of smart energy devices like BESS grid batteries and BESS home batteries will connect to other smart energy devices like thermostats and refrigerators and light bulbs.

Most fossil fuel plants have capacity. They will reach the end of their working life by 2035. Ray Blanco believes that BESS batteries will replace the oil consumption as soon as 2030.

Logically hedge funds and investors will focus their attention to clean energy technologies like BESS to grow their wealth. Ray Blanco and his team believe that early investors can multiply their money by investing now.

Buying Tesla shares, the leader in BESS industry, is a great idea. But Tesla shares are expensive. That’s why Blanco want to give his subscribers his investment ideas for companies that he believes will grow fast.

During his research he discovered a little-known company called “Fluence”. In his video he explains why this is a promising company and how it was ranked among other battery storage companies in the world. It is only 1/600th the market cap of Tesla. But you cannot directly invest in Fluence because it is not a publicly traded company.

Ray Blanco continued his research and found AES Corp. – a Fortune 500 company co-owner of Fluence. His recommendation is to invest in AES Corp and pay no more than $28 per share. This is the first step to get ground floor stake in Fluence.

Because Fluence is poised to go public in 2022. Investors in AES will get any potential “blue chip” returns with shares of AES. But also capture explosive IPO profit potential with shares of the Fluence IPO.

Of course, this idea may not be for everyone. It requires patience and it is not guaranteed. For investors that are interested in faster and direct way to play the BESS battery revolution, Blanco has other strategies.

You can read about his investment ideas in his investment newsletter called “Technology Profits Confidential”.

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential has 80,000 paid subscribers and over 45,000 of them have decided to join for life, because he claims his investment ideas have an average gain of 36.55% in 18 months per position.

What’s Included With Your Technology Profits Confidential Subscription?

Subscribers to this newsletter will receive the following:

  • 12 monthly issues of Technology Profits Confidential
  • Bonus report called “The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash On Tesla’s Biggest Competitor” – Blanco’s research work leads him to relatively small company that has a backlog of 10-to-20-year contracts with a Fortune 500 companies that pretty much guaranteeing profitability for the years to come. This company manages and optimizes energy for clients using its proprietary BESS battery software. Blanco believes that this is one of the most advanced BESS technology he has seen in during his research. In this report you will find all necessary details on how to invest in this company.
  • Bonus report “The #1 Stock For The Biggest Infrastructure Bill In U.S. History” – in this report Blanco reveals details about a company that has proven history of working with the US Federal Government. He believes that this company will directly benefit when President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill rolls.
  • Bonus report “Lithium’s replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption” – here Blanco introduces us to another company that has developed brand new battery chemistry using already proven technology. You can get all details for this mysterious metal and the company behind it in this new research report.
  • Members only monthly phone calls
  • Urgent market alerts
  • The Technology Profits Confidential model portfolio
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