The Truth About Money: The Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter

The Truth About Money – What Is It?

The Truth About Money by Robert Kiyosaki is a brand new book where you’re about to learn all the 31 money lies that are holding you back. Plus Robert Kiyosaki’s top income secrets for financial freedom. Secrets that can help you collect anywhere from $1,000 to $5,480 or more a month.

The moment you open The Truth About Money book and discover all the money lies. You’ll start challenging the false assumptions that have held you back. And you’ll finally take a GIANT step toward the retirement of your dreams. This is like having a blueprint on how to retire rich.

What will you Find inside The Truth About Money?

  • On Page 19 of this new book
    Robert Kiyosaki will prove to you why saving money will keep you poor.
  • You’ll find several cash flow secrets Robert Kiyosaki used to retire rich at the age of 47.
  • Say These Simple Words to Your Broker and Watch as much as $1,000s Deposited in Your Account In Less than 5 Minutes. Just keep in mind… this only works if you know what to say to your broker. (see the three words on page 47 of this NEW book)
  • Have a Few $100s to Spare? Go to Your Local County Website, Click a Few Buttons and in time, You Could Walk Away with a Small Fortune (See page 130)
  • How to Collect up to $5,480 a Month from REAL Properties Across the Country… Without Any of the Landlord Headaches (See page 141)
  • How to Extract up to $1,000s from your Stock Portfolio…
    On Demand (See page 114)
  • Discover How to DOUBLE Your Social Security Benefits (See page 57)
  • Did You Know There’s
    a 100% Legal Way of Making
    $10,000s in Capital Gains And Pay ZERO taxes? (see page 87)

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Who is behind The Truth About Money?

The Truth About Money comes out from Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

He has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

Who is The Truth About Money For?

If you’re not all set for the retirement of your dreams…

It’s not because you’re bad with money…

It’s not because you haven’t saved enough…

And it’s not because the market has been volatile.

It’s because you’re probably making these 3 critical money mistakes.

And if you don’t fix that now…

There’s a very high chance you’ll run out of money in retirement, struggle to make ends meet and die poor.

Sorry, but that’s just the reality.

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How to get The Truth About Money Book?

To Get “The Truth About Money” book, you have to subscribe for Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter. The book comes for FREE like added bonus.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter – How does it work?

Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter is the newsletter of one of the greatest financial educators in recent history.

Robert Kiyosaki has changed the way millions of Americans look at money. And now he is taking his teaching method and applying it to real-world situations to give you actionable solutions to bigger financial problems.

Every month, Robert and his team will send you their take on a financial or economic current-event and the #1 investment opportunity he has identified flowing from it.

What’s included with Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter subscription?

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Today:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of The Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter: Every month you’ll receive urgent market analysis, including the best moneymaking ideas Robert Kiyosaki can find. He will give you at least two to three recommendations that could help grow your nest egg. ($199 value)
  • BRAND-NEW Book, The Truth about Money: Inside you’ll find 31 money lies that are holding you back plus Robert Kiyosaki’s top income secrets for a rich retirement ($99 value)
  • “The Recession Moneymaker Portfolio($99 value)
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, Cash Flow Quadrant ($49 value)
  • Exclusive interview with Brian Rose ($19 value)
  • Daily Rich Dad E-Letter: Every day,Robert Kiyosaki will share market trends, breaking stories, as well as timeless principles that have made him and many others very rich. (Value $49)
  • Rich Dad’s Retirement Masterclass: This video series that will show you 49 secrets the rich use to collect passive cash flow. ($1,299 value)
  • Access to Robert Kiyosaki’s personal conversations with successful people from his network. Every week, Robert Kiyosaki will send you a new conversation with about 45 minutes of money-making advice and strategy. There are also over 200 existing conversations for you to dig-in on whatever financial topic you like. ($299 value)

That’s a total of $2,112 of value.

But today, through this special offer only, you can get everything for just $49.

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Is there any Guarantee in place?

You can take a 100% risk-free trial for the next six months.

Because this is a RISK-FREE trial, if you’re not completely satisfied with The Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter at any point…

For any reason…

You can get a full refund, no questions asked. And you can KEEP EVERYTHING!

So, there’s no risk to you.

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