Tom Gentile’s 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More Money than Bitcoin: Microcurrency Trader Discount Offer

Tom Gentile just posted a new briefing with all the details about 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More Money than Bitcoin. You can get it for FREE when you subscribe for his Microcurrency Trader service.

Get Rich Off This Crypto? (Hint: Not Bitcoin)

What Are Tom Gentile’s 3 Profit Multiplier Trades?

Tom Gentile found a better way to make BIGGER – and FASTER – money in the crypto market…

I’m talking about massive gains big enough to fill your bank account with fresh cash not nine years from now… not five years… not two years… heck, not even three months from now. I’m talking about the potential to hand you the biggest gains of your life – over and over again… STARTING TODAY.

All it takes is one simple move on a very special kind of crypto.

Tom Gentile calls it a Profit Multiplier Trade. 

He says that nothing beats this special kind of crypto. Not even a huge bull run on Bitcoin.

All three of these microcurrencies are ready to pop for triple-digit gains within 30 to 60 days.

That’s why Tom Gentile puts together a full briefing with all the details. It’s called: 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More Money than Bitcoin.

Profit Multiplier Trade #1

It’s a decentralized finance, or DeFi, microcurrency that lets people and institutions send, deposit, or lend crypto assets while collecting interest on your holdings. These “crypto dividends” are becoming widely popular with an astounding $3.7 billion in assets. Tom Gentile’s expects its valuation to grow fivefold during this bull market.

Profit Multiplier Trade #2

2020 proved the entire world is now one big supply chain. And this crypto’s “smart contract” platform – which enthusiasts are calling Blockchain 2.0 – lets companies move goods faster and cheaper. With the November 2020 upgrade, coins like this can handle 100,000 transactions per second. For big businesses, it’s becoming nearly indispensable. And at only $5 per coin, it’s a steal.

Profit Multiplier Trade #3

Digital online payments in China, Thailand, and Indonesia are expected to cross $1 trillion by 2025, accounting for $1 in every $2 spent. And this crypto from the “PayPal of Asia” is meeting the demand, allowing millions of citizens without credit cards to send money to merchants, friends, and family with just a simple scan of their phone. An estimated 49 million people will use it in 2021, and Tom Gentile expects all that demand to send the price soaring.

In this briefing, Tom Gentile will also show you step by step how to make all three trades – all with the potential to beat Bitcoin by 20X.

Tom will even show you:

  • How to set up your account at the best crypto exchange…
  • How to transfer funds…
  • And how to help protect against any downside.

If this bull market is even half what the last one was… you have the potential for generational wealth within a year. It all depends on your starting stake.

You can have this briefing in your hands within minutes. These three cryptos are really tiny.  And a lot of buying action can artificially crank up the price…

So Tom can only send this urgent briefing to the first 250 people who join him in his Microcurrency Trader service.  


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What Is Microcurrency Trader?

Microcurrency Trader is a premium investment advisory service offered by Tom Gentile. It aims to help investors find the appropriate coins that are likely to produce massive gains within a single trade.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader – Tom Gentile’s 3 Profit Multiplier Trades Offer?

The minute you join Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader, Tom is going to hit the ground running with his 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More than Bitcoin.

All three of these trade recommendations are locked, loaded, and ready to go.

Tom Gentile’s 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More than Bitcoin

All of Tom Gentile’s recommendations are uncovered by the Fractal Wave Pattern System Tom created with a team of award-winning scientists. This system uses AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning to uncover fractal patterns in crypto markets nearly impossible to see with the human eye.

And those first three recommendations are just for starters.

As a member of Microcurrency Traderyou’re going to get everything to be successful.

Including a steady stream of plays that you can capitalize on right away.

The action is going to be nonstop.

In fact, Tom Gentile is going to send you a hot, new Trade Recommendation every week.
Just like the crypto markets, Tom Gentile’s Fractal Wave Pattern System operates 24/7, tracking thousands of microcurrencies daily.

When the Long-Term and Short-Term Currency Waves cross, the system alerts Tom Gentile that a big opportunity is for the taking.

These alerts happen once a week on average, sometimes more. So you can expect to get at least 52 Profit Multiplier Trades all year long.

That’s 52 more chances to outperform Bitcoin by 142%, 158%, 330%, 335%, 780%… all the way up to 1,904%!

In other words, for every $1,000 you would have made from just investing in Bitcoin…

You could have made $2,000, $4,000, $8,000, even $20,000 instead by getting into these special kinds of cryptos.

Microcurrency Trader Quick-Start Guide

This will show you how to set up your crypto account and begin trading. It’s all so simple. Easier than setting up a prime account on Amazon.

Microcurrency Trader video tutorial series

In these videos, Tom Gentile will give you the full details of how and why these microcurrencies can be so lucrative…

How Tom Gentile’s Fractal Wave system works…

And how you can find the best microcurrency to trade… at any given time… with the best entry point… and optimal time to sell.

Tom Gentile will also show you how to spot the Long-Term Currency Wave and the Short-Term Currency Wave. Remember, when they cross – that’s your signal to get in.

The videos will explain all of that…

But make no mistake…

As a member of Microcurrency Trader, you’ll NEVER have to find any of these trades yourself.


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Tom Gentile’s team and Tom personally will be watching these microcurrency markets all day, every day – FOR YOU.

In fact, you can expect to get a new microcurrency trade recommendation on average once a week. That’s 52 new trades a year.

And maybe even more.

As soon as those currency waves cross…

Tom Gentile is doing some final vetting to make sure this is the best recommendation at the time…

Then he sends a detailed Buy Alert to your email.

Buy Alert

The Buy Alert will include…

  • The name, symbol, and price of the microcurrency…
  • A full explanation and Tom Gentile’s research on why this microcurrency is a “BUY…”
  • The chart showing the Long-Term and Short-Term Currency Waves – and where they cross…
  • And complete instructions on how to buy this crypto on the exchange and make the trade if you decide it’s right for you.

Even better, Tom Gentile is going to send you a Buy Alert Video that walks you through the entire trade “live” in person.

That way, you can see with your own eyes exactly what to do.

You can also sign up to get Tom Gentile’s Buy Alert Texts.

I highly recommend doing so. That way, you’ll never miss a big trade if you’re not at home or near your computer.

Of course, when it’s time to take any profits or if our trade is not performing to our advantage, Tom Gentile will send you a detailed Sell Alert.

Sell Alert

This will give you complete instructions for closing out your trade…

It will all be explained step by step.

Tom Gentile’s Weekly Watchlist

Tom Gentile’s system is always looking for potential winners. Tom is going to share this invaluable list with you! Every one of the cryptos on this list is on the move. Tom Gentile is just waiting for the Currency Waves to cross before he issues a Buy Alert. So he’s keeping a very close eye on them. You can even trade them on your own if you choose.

Tom Gentile’s Daily Debriefs

The crypto market is developing rapidly. There are always new “star” microcurrencies hitting the markets – and as crypto traders, we should always be in the know, 100% connected, and informed. Tom Gentile’s Daily Debrief will do exactly that FOR YOU – so you don’t have to scour through a gazillion websites on your own.

Every day, Tom will fill you in with the biggest market news. He will also use these Daily Debriefs to give you updates on Microcurrency Trader model portfolio… and all of Microcurrency Trader trade recommendations – so you know exactly where everything stands.

Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader Subscription Fee

You can claim a full year of Microcurrency Trader for $1,950.

Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader Refund Policy

Over the next 12 months, Tom Gentile promises to deliver at least 12 recommendations that beat Bitcoin by at least 300% during that trade… or your money back, no questions asked.

That’s right, Tom promises to deliver 4X your money over Bitcoin… a dozen times.

If the model portfolio shows that Tom didn’t deliver on this promise… just call his team, and they will give you a full refund of your membership for this research service.


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Closing Remarks On Tom Gentile’s 3 Profit Multiplier Trades

2021 is setting up to be the biggest year ever in the history of cryptocurrency with upward of $4 billion pouring into the sector daily!

It could easily turn into the greatest wealth creation event of our lifetime, minting an entirely new generation of millionaires – even billionaires.

That’s why Tom Gentile is urging you to take your place in the cryptocurrency sector quickly.

He predicts the entire market sector will soar by 8X… 9X… 10X by the end of the decade.

And that high-speed growth is starting to unfold right now – in 2021!

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