Weiss Ratings Safe Money Report Review: Next Phase Of 2020 Collapse

Is it time to find financial safety in current unsafe world? The coronavirus pandemic is creating a financial nightmare. Next Phase of Collapse 2020 will change everything in our life. 

Weiss Ratings have a solution for Next Phase of Collapse 2020. Their new Safe Money Report can guide investors on how to protect their wealth, and potentially even make profits during this uncertain time.

How to be prepared and make money during Collapse 2020?

In this presentation Martin Weiss and his team from Weiss Ratings will walk you through seven steps to protect your wealth, and potentially to make some money in the process.  Here is list of the recommended steps:

Step 1: If you hold stocks or stock mutual funds sell about half of them focusing on the most vulnerable.

Step 2: Buy hedges! For example, DOG. For every 10% decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, DOG is designed to go up 10%.

Step 3: Wait for a strong rally in the market and use it as opportunity to sell the rest of your vulnerable stock holdings.

Step 4: Buy 13-week Treasury bills. Then just click on the box to automatically roll them over as they mature.

Step 5: Check the safety of your bank. Make sure your bank is NOT on Weiss Ratings’ endangered list.

Step 6: Buy gold bullion bars and coins. Dr. Weiss and his team will show you how to get some free gold simply by selecting the right bullion coins to buy. 

Step 7. Avoid the weakest stocks now. And when Weiss Ratings gives you the signal, invest only in the very strongest stocks.

Not sure how to start?

To help you prepare for next phase of Collapse 2020, your next step might be to subscribe to Weiss Ratings Safe Money Report. It is edited by Weiss Ratings senior analyst, Mike Larson. New subscribers immediately receive the following FREE reports and eBooks from Weiss Ratings:

  • 2020 Financial Pandemic: Your Guide to Financial Safety will give you powerful tools to protect everything you own – from savings, investments and real estate to your 401K or IRA. In addition, you will receive specific instructions on how to MAKE money with investments
  • The Weiss Ratings “X” List: America’s Weakest and Strongest Banks – make sure the bank that you keep your savings in is not in this list. 
  • Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investment – for step by step instructions on how, when and where to invest in gold and silver bullion. Their recommendation is smaller denomination coins. 
  • America’s Weakest and Strongest Stocks & ETFs will show you an entirely NEW way to invest. With this strategy, you could have beaten the S&P 500 by 5 to 1 since 2007 (And that period includes the crash of 2008!).

What you will get with Safe Money Report?

In each monthly issue of Weiss Ratings Safe Money Report, you will find everything you need to grow your wealth:

  • Monthly Market Overview with strategy updates — unbiased analysis of current markets and what to expect, based on FACT. 
  • Bedrock Income Portfolio — detail list with Weiss Ratings’ highest-rated income investments.
  • Dynamic Income Portfolio —Investment recommendations that could yield four times or more than the S&P.
  • Flash Alerts when you need to act fast.
  • Q&A webinars to address current market conditions.
  • Daily Briefing to keep subscribers fully up to date. It also gives a heads up on what to expect in the near future.

What is the price of Safe Money Report?

You can choose from three membership options:

  • Premium membership for $59 includes digital and print memberships in Safe Money Report plus seven bonus reports
  • Deluxe Membership for $119 Includes digital and print subscription to Safe Money Report plus 4 free bonus report.
  • Standard membership $29 Includes digital only subscription to Safe Money Report plus 4 free bonus reports.

What if you are not happy with your subscription?

You won’t risk a penny. If you are not completely satisfied after the first year, let them know and you will get a full refund. Plus, you may keep all the issues and bonus materials you’ve received.

Good luck!

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