Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green Next Great Medical Breakthrough Review

Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green have launched a new marketing campaign for The Oxford Communiqué featuring “The Next Great Medical Breakthrough” and a package of products called the Financial Freedom Blueprint.

Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green Next Great Medical Breakthrough – Watch the Presentation Here

Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap: The Next Great Medical Breakthrough

Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap is a presentation led by the famous news host Bill O’Reilly and his special guest, Alexander Green.  Alex Green is one of the world’s leading experts for companies on the medical field.

In this presentation Alex & Bill are showing their audience a new instant ultrasound device that is one of the world’s smallest, high resolution and extremely powerful medical devices on the market. It has the potential to save many lives in U.S and around the world.

They call it “The biggest healthcare innovation in half a century.”

Experts’ expectations are that this breakthrough development will allow physician to see their patient’s heart, kidney, lungs, even their arteries without special equipment like CAT scan, X-Ray, or MRI.

Meet Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green

Bill O’Reilly, in full William James O’Reilly is American television and radio personality. He is best known as conservative political commentator, author, and former host of FNC program, The O’Reilly Factor.

Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Director of one of the most prestigious and respected financial publishers. The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked his Oxford Communiqué as one of the 10 top-performing investment letters in the nation for the last 15 years.

Interesting fact is that since 2003 O’Reilly is a lifetime subscriber of Alex’s newsletter. He says “Alex’s stock recommendations have made me a lot of money. And I believe he can help you too.”

Alex is great in finding companies with breakthrough ideas. His goal is to  show his subscribers the easiest way to use his strategies to make good profit. His track record is one of the best in business.

Once again Alex Green is going online to talk about the special device that is expected to revolutionize healthcare.

Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green Next Great Medical Breakthrough – Click here For Details

The Company That Stays Behind Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green Next Great Medical Breakthrough

The little-known company that stays behind this device recently went public. Their goal is to use this new development to provide the highest-quality medical treatment faster than ever at much lower price.

This revolutionary company’s stocks are currently trading for under $10. It is an incredible opportunity for people to invest early. Early means NOW because Alex suspects that the price will not remain low for long time.

Alex believes that leadership of a company is very important, and that’s the starting point when he is doing his research.

He is not the only one that is using this strategy. Warren Buffet and Ro Baron also say that they invest in people, not companies.

Are you wondering who stays behind Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green Next Great Medical Breakthrough?

The creator of the medical device is a brilliant scientist who won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. He is not only a scientist, but he also has a proven history of building and selling companies from the ground up.

He is the first person ever to be named as the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneer” three separate times for the companies he founded.

His genomics company went public in 1999, and for less than one year the stock went from $3 to more than $100 per share.

Next Great Medical Breakthrough: Advantages of the New Ultrasound Technology

What this scientist and his team did was to reinvent ultrasound machine. They replaced resonating quartz crystals with semiconductor technology and artificial intelligence.

The device connects to a smartphone, so the doctors can scan with one hand and see the images on their phone in real time.

Alex and Bill discussing the device that, in many cases, can replace the MRI or the CAT scan. Instead of taking weeks, it can be done in an instant with results available right away.

This mobile device is just $2,400. For information, traditional ultrasound machines are around $250,000 and many smaller clinics cannot afford them.

The device has already received FDA approval for 13 clinical conditions covering the entire body.

The military is already using it in combat support hospitals. It is spreading further beyond that. Hospitals, emergency crews, fire departments….

Think about the amount of time and money saved with this device.

Next Great Medical Breakthrough: What are the risks?

Every investor knows that there is always risk in investing.

Let’s go over the list of requirements that Alex looks for in ideal investment:

  • Proven leadership. The founder of this company has founded and sold three companies. First one was sold for $93 million, second firm sold for $140 million, and the third one sold for $375 million.
  • Revolutionary new technology.

This is in fact a medical revolution. Inc. magazine says the company behind this development “will change healthcare forever”.

Investors such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Fidelity (the investment giant), and Baillie Gifford have poured in more than $400 million.

  • A small cap to midcap company because mega-corporations cannot grow at high rates of smaller firms. This company has a market cap of just $1.16 billion.
  • Sales growth. This company just increased its earnings by 91%. The revenue projection is 7.5X growth. From $44 million in 2020 to $334 million by 2024.
  • Able to protect its margins. A firm must be able to defend its market niche from competition. This company owns 812 patents and patents pending.
  • Relatively unknown. We all know that investors who recognize big opportunities early have real advantage.

Currently almost no one knows about this company. It recently IPO’d on the New York Stock Exchange in late 2020.

But Alex is planning to give everyone the ticker and buy instructions through a special, risk-free offer.

Next Great Medical Breakthrough Review: The Company’s Business Model

Here is what is interesting about this device maker’s business model. Rather than selling the device for a one-time price, they have adopted a monthly subscription model.

It keeps their revenue growing and gives the hospitals continued access to data and artificial intelligence that improves the device with time.

And one more important detail. The company just signed a new distribution partnership with company that has presence in 30 countries. This partnership has the potential to bring 2 billion new customers. It is expanding from hospitals and clinics to universities, professional sport teams, pet care, and many more.

Alex Green does not stop here. There is a second innovator he suggests during his The Next Great Medical Breakthrough presentation.

Alex Green’s Ideal Investment Recommendations

Ideal Investment Opportunity #1: Ultrasound on a Chip – Powered by AI

Company’s stock ticker, how to buy instructions and their sell strategy are included in a special report called “The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI.”

All active buy recommendations in Alex’s model portfolios will be sent to everyone who signs up for The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

Bottom line: Alex Green is giving people the opportunity to begin building their wealth, starting with an early investment in an incredible firm that has reinvented ultrasound device. If there’s one stock to bet on in the coming year, it’s the maker of this new ultrasound device.

Ideal Investment Opportunity #2: AI may soon be in charge of inventing entirely new medicines.

There is another innovator that Alex suggests buying today.

Alex has discovered a company that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve medicines at faster rate. Currently it is working on more than 25 projects.

In the beginning of 2022 this company signed a new partnership with French drug giant Sanofi. This deal is worth up to $5.2 billion. This is equal to 2 ½ times the firm’s market cap.

The company has other partnerships with Bristol Myers Squibb, Bayer, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, Apieron and Rallybio.

The potential here is enormous as it develops new drug molecules, progresses existing ones through clinical trials, and signs up with additional Big Pharma clients.

Moreover, this company covers all requirements of an ideal investment (see the list above).

Alex put together another exclusive report called “Capture Massive profits in AI Medicine”.

It will also be featured in The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

These two recommendations are just the beginning. Alex alerts his readers for his top buy recommendations in his monthly publication The Oxford Communiqué.

The Oxford Communiqué with Alex Green

Alex’s philosophy is simple: He does not try to forecast what the Fed will do next. He does not jump in and out of the markets depending on the latest news. He simply looks for stocks that exactly match his ideal investment criteria. This approach has led him to huge returns.

The purpose of the Communiqué is to help his subscribers to:

  • Increase income
  • Minimize market risks
  • At least double the broad market returns
  • Minimize taxes and live financial free life

Perhaps the best part of The Financial Freedom Blueprint is the fact that Alex will also give everyone a risk-free trial of The Oxford Communiqué.

Use this link and you will get his 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you join.

What is included in The Financial Freedom Blueprint?

Alex follows the recommended stocks closely and provides updates, sell instructions when it is time to sell, and details for urgent new stock opportunities he has found. Here are all the tools and information reports included in The Financial Freedom Blueprint bundle:

Alex Green The Financial Freedom Blueprint

  • The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI ($299 value)
  • Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine ($259 value)
  • First time ever offered special bonus: Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist ($199 value)
  • Second bonus: The Multimillionaire’s Handbook ($129 value)
  • Three-part video series, Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio ($499 value)
  • The latest hardcover from “Killing” series, the bestselling nonfiction series of all time ($30 value)
  • Safety switch alerts ($399 value)

The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI

Alex Green The Next Ten Bagger Handheld Ultrasound Powered by AI

This report contains the stock ticker of the revolutionary company that currently trades for well under $10. It is an incredible opportunity for everyday investors.

In this report are the exact how-to-buy instructions, and everything else needed to get in.

Inside you will find exactly why Alex believes everyone should consider investing in this “ideal opportunity”:

  • It has cutting-edge technology and is found in every one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States.
  • It has the potential to have a global influence on billions of people around the globe.
  • Its intellectual property is protected by 812 patents and pending applications.
  • It recently signed an agreement with a big international distributor to have access to 2 BILLION additional clients.
  • This company’s great creator has previously delivered big to the medical community… and to stockholders.
  • Despite this, it’s almost entirely unknown and sells for well under $10.

Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine

Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine

This special report includes everything you need to know about Alex Green’s second recommendation. A company that that is using AI to develop better medicines at faster speeds than ever before.

The company is currently sitting on hundreds of millions in cash.

Its founder and CEO said recently: “We have incredible momentum… and will continue investing in innovation that can enable the rapid translation of today’s most promising science into tomorrow’s best possible medicines.”

That is the GOAL!

The company’s stock ticker and Alex’s complete how-to-buy instructions are in this report.

Best of all, the stock is currently trading for less than $15 per share.

Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist

Alex Green Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist

As part of the package, there is yet another fantastic bonus – the Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist that Alex is launching, for the first time ever. He is expecting that several firms from his Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist to produce big profits to investors.

The Multimillionaire’s Handbook

This exclusive written report is packed with insider information that will help you grow and protect your wealth the way multimillionaires do.

There are 41 wealth-building secrets in this book. Each one can help you keep more of your money and grow it faster.

The Multimillionaire’s Handbook

Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio video series

In these video series Alex pretty much lays out his entire wealth-building strategy.

Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio video series

Alex will show you how the easiest way to buy stocks. This is a great way to start if you’ve never done it before.

You will learn how to open an account.

How to minimize purchasing stock fees.

If you have no idea how to put together a portfolio, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to do it.

Killing The Mob

Anyone who signs up for The Financial Freedom Blueprint will get the most recent hardcover in Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing” series, Killing the Mob.

Bill O’Reilly Killing The Mob

These books have been more than six years in the New York Times bestseller list. 18 million copies in print.

And Killing the Mob is maybe the most intriguing of them all. It is all about how organized crime works.

Killing the Mob was an instant #1… It shot to the top of the New York Times bestsellers list almost immediately after its publishing.

On top of everything previously stated, Alex is giving you a one-year, completely risk-free trial to The Oxford Communiqué.

Risk-free trial to The Oxford Communiqué

It includes:

The Oxford Communiqué Review

  • Password-protected access to the Oxford Communiqué website
  • access to the complete suite of Communiqué portfolios, including the Oxford Trading Portfolio, the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, the Oxford All-Star Portfolio, and the Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio
  • Weekly model portfolio updates (currently there are 34 open recommendations across the suite of portfolios, with 29 in winning territory for an 85%-win rate)
  • The Oxford Insight issues (5X per week)
  • Weekly Market Wake-Up Call video segments – including special guest commentary from the Club’s lead strategists, as well as top industry experts
  • Access to The Oxfordian Hotel Collection, where you can receive special discounts on luxurious hotels around the world
  • VIP invitations to join us online and in person for Oxford Club conferences at five-star locations around the world.

To help you achieve financially free life, you will receive one issue of The Oxford Communiqué each month.

In it you will read detailed analysis on a new investment opportunity, including why the company is in a prime position for a big move in the market.

This additional subscription to The Oxford Communiqué, in my opinion, is extremely generous. It is an excellent way to introduce new subscribers to The Oxford Club approach.

How much is The Financial Freedom Blueprint cost?

Currently the subscription of the Oxford Communiqué – which includes all the benefits promised in The Financial Freedom Blueprint – has three pricing options:

  • Basic Subscription for $49 ($79/year after)
    Includes digital-only subscription to The Oxford Communiqué
  • Standard Subscription for $129
    Includes digital (via email and website) AND print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué
  • Premium Subscription for $99 is the Best Deal
    Includes digital (via email and website) AND print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué

With this subscription you will get $396 in additional value that includes two bonus reports:

  • “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide” ($99 Value)
  • “The ‘All-Star Portfolio’ Strategy” ($99 Value)
  • “How to Claim Up to an Extra $130,000 in Social Security” (From the Oxford Income Letter – $99 Value)
  • “The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Company That Will Dominate the Next Decade” (From Oxford Growth Investor – $99 Value).

It’s hard to pass up on a deal like this. It could fit any budget.

Refund Policy

And you’re completely protected by Alex Green’s IRONCLAD, 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee

If you’re not completely pleased with your subscription for any reason, simply return the book and you’ll receive a FULL REFUND of your subscription money. You can also keep whatever else you’ve gotten along the road.

Alex is making additional guarantee!

He’s ready to guarantee his entire model portfolio will outperform the relative returns of the S&P by at least 200% this year. If you don’t see the chance to beat the S&P by 200% or more over the next year through The Oxford Communiquéofficial portfolios, just call them.

Alex and his team will give you another EXTRA year of The Oxford Communiqué, completely free of charge.

Bottom Line: Is Alex Green The Financial Freedom Blueprint worth it?

Once you get a hold of the tools from The Financial Freedom Blueprint, you will be ready to put yourself on the path to a dream retirement.

You will not only get The Next Great Medical Breakthrough and follow Alex Green, but you are also joining an elite Oxford Club.

People who made the decision to sign up, like Bill O’Reilly many years ago, have done extremely well.

It is a good idea to spend some time to read reviews from The Oxford Club subscribers.

There is not much to lose. And it is better having someone like Alex Green and his team giving you guidance along your way. Especially at this price.

The Oxford Communiqué – Click Here To Sign Up – Best Offer + Bonus

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