Power Gauge Investor Review 2022: Industry Monitor Portfolio

Power Gauge Investor Review 2022 presentation is where living legend Marc Chaikin reveals a secret how to invest like Wall Street’s best. Watch the replay of Marc Chaikin’s Stock Market Warning 2022 now.

Power Gauge Investor Review: How to Invest Like Wall Street’s Best

Nearly 300,000 people signed up to hear our friend Marc Chaikin’s presentation Wednesday night…

And those who tuned in were treated to a timely and informative event that anyone with money in the markets could find valuable.

Marc, the namesake founder of Chaikin Analytics and nothing short of a living legend on Wall Street, gave a truly comprehensive presentation for everyday folks on what’s really going on in the markets today…

Marc shared more details about the ongoing “rolling crash” playing out in U.S. stocks… and discussed when it might end. He shared which groups of stocks have crashed already and which ones have not…

While people have been glued to the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq, waiting to see if we’re still in correction or bear market territory on any given day…

We’ve already seen hundreds of stocks in weak industry groups suffer big crashes – for over a year. The only difference is that now the losses are widespread enough to get your attention.

He revealed how he knows this… and several other Wall Street secrets he has learned over the years, including a simple yet powerful idea that many of the world’s best investors use to make money – in bull or bear markets – and how everyday folks can put it into action today.

If you were unable to catch the initial airing of the event last night, I have good news to report… You can catch a replay here at your convenience… .

Power Gauge Investor Review 2022: Let’s highlight more great things about Marc Chaikin’s Stock Market Warning Event

For one thing, Marc shared two free recommendations – one stock to buy right now and one to avoid completely – for anyone who tuned in.

But, in general, I can tell you Marc did something we love… He offered insight into “how Wall Street works” and, more important, offered tools that anyone with a brokerage account can use to “level up” with the world’s elite investors and apply to more than 4,000 different stocks.

A few months ago, you might remember, we shared the fact that many studies have shown that “asset allocation” – that is, how much of each stock you own in a portfolio – can account for a greater percentage of returns than the choice of the stocks themselves.

That’s one dirty secret  about the investing business, we said. Well, Wednesday night, Marc shared another rarely told truth about what makes for outsized gains… like the 66% annual return the famed and private Medallion Fund has enjoyed since 1988.

As Marc said…

This is what you need to know. It might actually be the most important lesson I ever learned on Wall Street.

Studies have shown that 50% of a stock’s performance can be attributed to its industry. Fifty percent.

That means choosing the right industry is literally half the battle when deciding what to buy… and what not to buy.

For those who don’t know, Marc worked for decades on Wall Street… He made enough money to retire in 1999 and started Chaikin Analytics in the wake of the financial crisis to help everyday investors protect and grow their wealth. He knows markets.

In fact, Marc is part of the fabric of the markets

Among other things, Marc invented the “Money Flow Indicator,” which is part of every Bloomberg Terminal in the world. He has worked with some of investing’s biggest names, saw how they made decisions, and incorporated what he saw into his own work…

And as he said Wednesday night, for decades, this “know the right industry” approach is what directed all of Marc’s buying and selling decisions over the years. It’s even the approach he took investing money earmarked for his own children…

As he said, this is a message anyone with money in the markets could learn from…

I, along with the thousands of financial advisers and high-net-worth investors who have followed my work for the past decade, know the stock market isn’t just one big thing.

It’s actually 11 different, smaller things. It’s 11 different sectors that are all connected – and unconnected – in specific ways…

Whoever could see the biggest threats and opportunities in the market first… and correctly determine how they would ripple through specific industries… had a huge advantage.

From there, you can then find the strongest companies within the strongest industries. Or you can spot the weakest sectors and stay away from them… and especially the weakest names within the bearish groups.

Today, Marc is focused on helping everyday investors see what most will never see… like a “rolling crash”… or the right industries to find opportunities in, or stay away from… or anything else that might happen over the next few months…

As he said last night…

Until recently, it’s been a relatively smooth ride to all-time highs. As long as you had money in the markets, you were doing everything right.

On both a fundamental and technical level, the U.S. stock market is a wildly different animal than it was even just three months ago.

And it’s time to pull over, take your hands off the wheel, and see what’s really going on.

Said another way, what worked in the past might not work in the future… and you need to be armed with the tools that will help you make decisions like Wall Street’s best.

Be sure to check out Power Gauge Investor Review 2022 presentation to hear much more.

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