Chaikin PowerTactics: Find Stocks That Could Double Your Money

Chaikin PowerTactics defines a new way of using Power Gauge System. The way that finds stocks that could double your money.

The world premiere of Chaikin PowerTactics was at Prediction 2023 event last week.

Chaikin Analytics founder Marc Chaikin just issued an urgent warning about a historic reset of the U.S. financial system… and that investors need to take a simple action before January 2, 2023, in order to prepare. In a brand-new Prediction 2023 presentation, he shares all the details – including how you could make a huge potential gain as the whole thing unfolds.

Watch it here.

Marc Chaikin Prediction: Chaikin PowerTactics Portfolio Stock Picks

Here’s Marc Chaikin newest prediction:

“I predict that in 2023, we’ll see a BULLISH PERSONALITY CHANGE that could send stocks to new highs.”

But be warned…

Many stocks will continue falling, so please don’t buy stocks at random.

One particular vehicle could double your money in the next 12 months… over and over again… as Marc tried to show you in his recent Prediction 2023 event. And it’s completely different from the big winners of the last bull market.

Whatever you do: DON’T BUY THE DIP!

Do you realize it took Amazon 8 years to break even after the dot-com crash? Trying to “get a deal” on popular stocks could ruin you next year.

Instead, click here to see what I recommend now.

Marc Chaikin already named Allegro MicroSystems (ALGM) as his free pick. But here in Chaikin PowerTactics Portfolio there are six more Marc Chaikin wants you to consider.

Chaikin PowerTactics Review – What Is It?

Chaikin PowerTactic is where Marc is opening the doors to a powerful new way for you to access his analysis and all of his top recommendations yourself, by applying the Power Gauge with a new tactical strategy developed by his specialist, Pete Carmasino.

…to see which stocks could go up 100% or more over the next 12 months… in 21 different sectors.

Each month, Marc and Pete will name a stock with the potential to double or triple your money, as the result of their tactical analysis of cash flow throughout the stock market.

As CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer once said, back when he was still the toast of Wall Street TV: “I learned a long time ago not to be on the other side of a Chaikin trade.”

He went on to say: “I want to explain why I love Marc’s stuff. It’s simple, it’s understandable, it’s rational, it’s not emotional, and I use it constantly and I almost never want to go against it.”

Although… Jim ended up going AGAINST the Power Gauge recently when he recommended Amazon, and boy oh boy, has it hurt him! He should’ve listened to Marc…

So, as you can imagine, this new research isn’t cheap.

But today, we’re inviting you to become a charter member of Chaikin PowerTactics through a special offer we urge you to take advantage of.

In Chaikin PowerTactics, Marc and Pete will look to find the best stocks to buy as these BULLISH PERSONALITY changes unfold across a variety of different sectors. With a holding time of 12 months or less. Sometimes even weeks, because many of these special situation stocks abruptly change ratings.

In addition to the model portfolio they are recommending, every single month Pete and Marc will be applying the Power Gauge across the market to find the best short-term opportunities to potentially double your money or better. They consider these “special situations.”

What is included with your Chaikin PowerTactics Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll receive today:

One full year of Chaikin PowerTactics

Chaikin PowerTactics

Each month, Marc Chaikin and tactical specialist Pete Carmasino will e-mail you a new briefing with their #1 stock recommendation with the potential to make you 2 to 5 times your money in 12 months or less, according to their tactical use of the Power Gauge. Along with their constantly updated model portfolio of the top stocks to buy now.

Special Updates

Chaikin PowerTactics

Throughout the month, Pete will e-mail you updates as needed, telling you when to lock-in gains and any new developments.

Pete’s Watchlist

Pete’s Watchlist

Once a month, outside of his PowerTactics release, Pete will share his favorite investment ideas. Including: stocks on the verge of a breakout… ETFs to buy and avoid… tactical insights on major market events… and more.

Video Chats

Video Chats

Pete will occasionally hold public briefings on the state of the market and what he sees coming.

The Power Gauge System

The Power Gauge System

Where you can type in any of 5,000 different stocks and run your own analysis. With one button, the system will give you the chance to predict TOMORROW’S stock ratings on Wall Street… TODAY… by giving you a “Bullish,” “Neutral,” or “Bearish” rating, and a 6-factor breakdown of exactly how the system evaluates the stock.

The Discovery Engine

The Discovery Engine

A first-of-its-kind system based on Netflix-pioneered technology. Type in any stock… and instantly see a list of similar stocks with the same potential to rise or fall.

Marc and Pete’s warnings and predictions


Marc predicted the 2022 crash… predicted the collapse of 21 different stocks… the 2020 crash… called for the Covid rally to continue… called the corrections back in 2018… the collapse of… and more. His Power Gauge system will even warn you about events most people can’t see coming, which Marc and Pete will monitor each month and share with you as they develop.

Chaikin PowerTactics: A New Way to Multiply Your Money Over the Next 12 Months

Chaikin PowerTactics: A New Way to Multiply Your Money Over the Next 12 Months

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to spot huge flows of cash in 5,000 stocks.
  • How to time the perfect point to buy or sell any stock.
  • How to use Neutral stock ratings to uncover the biggest and fastest money-making opportunities in 2023… and more.

You can think of this as your own personal “handbook” to using the Power Gauge, containing all of the tricks and techniques Marc and Pete have developed, which you can use on your own, every single day.

Top 5 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now

Top 5 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now

Do you own any these major companies? If so, you should get out immediately. You shouldn’t wait for them to “break even.” Pete and Marc explain why, using the Power Gauge, in this new special report written for the post-2022-crash market.

Portfolio Boost

Portfolio Boost

A brand-new release and surprise gift for all charter members. This could reshape the way you approach investing, forever. Others paid $2,499 for it, but you’ll get it free of charge, while this charter offer lasts.

Chaikin PowerTactics Subscription Fee

Today, we’re making you a special offer.

We’re offering you 50% OFF one full year of Marc’s new research service, Chaikin PowerTactics

  • Plus one FREE year of his Power Gauge system ($5,000 value).
  • Plus one FREE year of his Discovery Engine.
  • Plus one FREE year of Marc and Pete’s special reports and model portfolios.
  • Plus one FREE year of Pete’s Watchlist.
  • Plus FREE access to Top 5 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now.
  • Plus FREE access to the Power Gauge Training Videos.
  • Plus one FREE year of Pete’s video chats.
  • Plus FREE access to Portfolio Boost ($2,499 value).

Click here to review this special offer.

Just remember: This charter offer expires soon.

Chaikin PowerTactics Discount

So if you like what you’ve seen, and you want to receive ALL of the bonuses listed above, please click here and give us your final answer.

Chaikin PowerTactics Refund Policy

You’re protected by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Chaikin Analytics:

You’ll have the next 30 days to look over Chaikin PowerTactics. You’ll receive full access to all of Marc’s and Pete’s recommendations and their system for the next 30 days, along with everything else described above.

This offer doesn’t offer cash refunds. But if you’re not happy for any reason, you can contact your Member Services team within 30 days and receive a full credit refund for everything you paid today, which you can apply to any other product from Chaikin Analytics.

Is Chaikin PowerTactics really worth $2,500?

By now, you’ve seen Marc Chaikin’s Prediction 2023 event.

And maybe you want to take a 30-day trial to his new product, Chaikin PowerTactics.

But you’re probably wondering: “Is it really worth $2,500?”

I’d like to answer that question, because I have a unique perspective.

I’m reviewing a dozens of new products a year – from the likes of former Wall Street traders… crypto experts… crisis investors… you name it.

Here are the facts about Chaikin PowerTactics:

  1. The recommendations will be unlike anything you currently receive.

By using their Power Gauge system, the Chaikin team have found a rare investment that historically rises 100%, in 12 months, after every sell-off. For example, you could have doubled your money 63 times after the Covid crash…

…23 times after the 2008 crash…

…and 18 times after the dot-com crash.

The 30-day trial is worth it just to see what they’re recommending right now. Your subscription could pay for itself on just one of these.

  1. People love Marc Chaikin… on a scale I’ve rarely seen in my career. And it’s easy to see why.

He knows exactly which stocks could soon be rated a BUY on Wall Street, and receive millions from hedge funds… because he built the very indicator they use to determine stock ratings!

And he’s used this to remarkable effect.

In 2020 alone, you could have doubled your money 5 different times with his recommendations.

In 2021, his work pointed to 4 different stocks that could’ve more than doubled your money… including a catering company, of all things, which went up 350% in 5 months.

And in 2022, his work predicted the 20 best stocks of the year… even before the panic began.

Take a 30-day trial to learn more (and receive a suite of bonuses).

  1. Marc and his “secret weapon” Pete Carmasino take a no-nonsense approach to the market. Together, they warned of 21 different stocks that crashed up to 81% this year.
  1. Marc’s partner, Pete, is the “Michael Jordan of technical analysis.” Just a few months ago, he recommended Biogen (BIIB) with no knowledge of biotech at all… just before it shot up 40% in a single day.

These numbers and calls are impressive, yes.

But that’s not why I urge you to take a 30-day trial to Chaikin PowerTactics.

For me, the best part of this product is the remarkable new application they built for their Power Gauge system.

It shows you where cash is going… BEFORE it gets there.

In other words, they couldn’t care less about fundamental analysis.

All they care about is, “WHERE is the cash going next?” Allowing you a chance to step in front of a train of money.

This works especially well on short-term setups.

Like the time Pete noticed Lovesac (LOVE) – a beanbag maker, of all things – before it rose 795% in 2020.

Until now, they’ve never had a place to share these ideas.

But in Chaikin PowerTactics, you’ll get recommendations like this every single month. Stocks that could double your money, based sheerly on cash flow.

And of course, it all comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So when you take a 30-day trial subscription to Chaikin PowerTactics  and you’re not happy for any reason… I can assure you that Marc and his team will do whatever needed to make it right by you.

They won’t “take your money and run.”

That’s not the way Marc Chaikin is doing business.

His integrity is one of the biggest reasons why he’s advised some of the world’s largest hedge funds, run by the likes of billionaires Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros… and why he’s a popular CNBC guest.

So – is his product worth the $2,500?

Well… if you’d put just $5,000 into Riot Blockchain (RIOT) back when Marc’s Power Gauge system turned “VERY BULLISH” on it back on March 27, 2020, you could have walked away with a $504,500 profit in less than a year.

That pays for a charter membership 200 times over!

So my answer is: YES. Try his work. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Click here to review the full opportunity (100% Satisfaction Guarantee).

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