Chaikin PowerTrader Review [I Joined!]

Chaikin PowerTrader research is where Marc Chaikin and Briton Hill are going to be using the Power Trade Signal to find the best opportunities every month to quickly double your money or more when they see this signal occur.

Marc Chaikin’s #1 Sign of Where the Market’s Going Next

Despite last year’s volatility, our friend Marc Chaikin’s work still pointed to 10 out of 10 of the year’s top performing stocks. And then in November, he warned 320,000 viewers that we were heading for a “run on the banks” in 2023 – exactly 5 months before the current bank crisis.

Now, he’s spotted a massive shake-up coming for the stock market that he warns will change investing for the rest of 2023. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by what Marc says is coming next…

On January 17, Marc Chaikin warned readers that one of the RAREST of all indicators had just flashed.

This indicator has a long history on Wall Street. It’s only appeared 19 times since 1950 – but it’s got a 100%-success rate for predicting where the stock market’s going next.

So when it flashed this January, Marc warned readers to expect a 3% to 8% pullback very shortly:

Marc Chaikin's #1 Sign of Where the Market's Going Next

Well this month, the market did just that as SVB collapsed – it fell precisely 8%.

But that’s NOT the end of what this indicator tells us…

You see, for 72 years, this indicator has always appeared just before a startling shift in the stock market – sometimes months in advance.

It’s so reliable, you can set your watch by it… and even predict average stock market returns for the rest of 2023.

Marc Chaikin is sharing all the details within his brand new emergency briefing: The 2023 Trade Event.

It’s the story you’re NOT getting from the financial media.

In short: You can’t afford to let this historic event take you by surprise… or to miss out on the #1 stock Marc Chaikin is recommending right now (completely free).

Don’t have time to watch the The 2023 Trade Event? No worries, we’ll cover you!

Introduction to Chaikin PowerTrader Research

Marc Chaikin explained why you have a new bull market in front of you… a volatile one, but a bull market none the less.

And he’s put together his all-time best offer for the perfect strategy to take advantage of it.

It’s all thanks to the reappearance of the Breakaway Momentum Indicator – one of the rarest of the signals Marc relies on for timing the markets.

The last time this signal occurred was three years ago… in 2020, right before the market soared 57%

Chaikin PowerTrader

It also flashed in March of 2009… before the market rose 302% during its longest bull market in history:

Chaikin PowerTrader

And in January of 1991… before the market soared 645%:

Chaikin PowerTrader

Marc’s now looking ahead to a very bullish 12-month period that could see the S&P rise 20% or more.

BUT there’s a feature of this bull market that makes it unique:

The 3%-8% pullbacks history tells us to expect along the way – like the one we’re experiencing today.

In other words, you need to be ready for every wave of volatility coming next, which is exactly what Chaikin PowerTrader was built to handle.

Get Started Now 

When you join as a Charter Member, you’ll receive incredible bonuses to help you navigate this volatile bull market… and you’ll only pay a tiny fraction of what new members will down the road.

Chaikin PowerTrader Review – What Is It?

In Chaikin PowerTrader, Briton Hill brings options trades to the Power Gauge.

Chaikin PowerTrader will focus on a specific style of call strategy that’s designed to provide subscribers with “asymmetric results.” This means the potential for unlimited upside with fixed risk to the downside at the beginning of each trade.

It might sound complicated, but with the Power Gauge and the Power Trade signal, nearly every investor can take advantage of this new Chaikin Analytics strategy.

Who Is Briton Hill?

Briton Hill’s career started at Fidelity Investments… where he was one of the youngest traders in the company’s history. Later, he co-founded a wealth-management firm and was soon managing more than $150 million… in less than three years. His hedge fund returned an impressive 9.3% last year, beating the S&P 500 Index by nearly 30 percentage points.

And Marc Chaikin believes that he is going to be the future of Chaikin Analytics.

Last night, Brit sat down with Chaikin Analytics founder Marc Chaikin to release an important warning – because a rare signal just flashed in the markets…

Over the past 73 years, this indicator has only triggered 18 times before. And when it does, it’s a major predictor of where stocks will go next. That’s why you need to know what it’s saying now…

Marc and Brit walked through all the details in last night’s event, including why this indicator is specifically designed to generate “asymmetric results.” They even shared the ONE trade they’re urging folks to make right now. But if you missed the event, don’t worry… You can watch the replay here for free.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Chaikin PowerTrader?

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

50% OFF One full year of Chaikin PowerTrader

Chaikin PowerTrader

This is your chance to get all of the Power Trade recommendations you need to protect yourself and potentially make multiple times your money in 2023.

One FREE year of the Power Gauge Analytics system

Power Gauge Analytics system

With this easy-to-use version of Marc’s extraordinary system (that usually costs $5,000), you can screen for the best opportunities in the market and instantly know if any stock you own or wish to own is rated a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

One FREE year of The Discovery Engine

The Discovery Engine

Unlock names and tickers poised for growth that you’ve likely never heard of before. With Marc’s proprietary system (based on the technology pioneered by Netflix), you simply type in any winning stock – and you’ll instantly see a list of similar stocks with the same potential to skyrocket. Just as important, you can use this system to weed out the most dangerous stocks in the market right now. And you can use it to essentially double the amount of Power Trades you make over the next 12 months.

PowerTrader Master Class Video Series

PowerTrader Master Class Video Series

Join Briton as he shows you step-by-step how to make Power Trades yourself, from how to set up a trading account to how to place a trade from your computer. Each video is brief and easy to follow. All you have to do is follow along.

Access to The Stansberry Top 5 Power Trade Report

Stansberry Top 5 Power Trade Report

Marc and Briton are so dedicated to your success in 2023, they looked across their corporate affiliate Stansberry Research’s entire universe of open recommendations right now and compiled their top 5 favorite recommendations for you free of charge today. All 5 opportunities just triggered a Power Trade signal, telling us they will outperform in the coming weeks.

Access to The Power Trade Manifesto

The Power Trade Manifesto

Meet your Power Trade “bible.” Inside this report, you’ll find simple-to-follow instructions on how to place Power Trades, how to build your portfolio in the coming months, how to use the Power Trade Signal to see 100% to 1,000% gains over and over again, and much more.

Access to Two Popular Stocks Telling VERY Different Stories in the Power Gauge

Two Popular Stocks Telling VERY Different Stories in the Power Gauge

Marc just personally selected two popular stocks you need to know about right away. The Power Gauge rates one a BUY and one a SELL right now. Chances are, you may be holding one or both in your portfolio right now. And you’ll be surprised when you see their names. You see, these two stocks are in the exact opposite position as most headlines would lead you to believe today. This report alone could cover the price of your membership many, many times over.

Marc’s Portfolio Boost

Marc's Portfolio Boost

A surprise gift for all Charter members. This could reshape the way you approach investing, forever. Others paid $2,499 for it, but you’ll get it free of charge, while this offer lasts.

Chaikin PowerTrader Pricing

Chaikin PowerTrader will normally cost $5,000 for one full year…

But because you’ll be a Charter Member when you join today, and because of the ongoing rate hike cycle which has absolutely crushed investors’ returns… and because the Power Trade is the fastest, most straightforward strategy for outperforming this volatile market in 2023…

If you get in today, before this offer expires, you’ll receive one full year of Chaikin PowerTrader at the special price of just $2,500.

Chaikin PowerTrader Pricing

Chaikin PowerTrader Refund Policy

You’re protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin PowerTrader Refund Policy

Your service will automatically renew on an annual basis until you properly cancel. Upon renewal for your Chaikin PowerTrader subscription, Chaikin Analytics will charge $2,500 (plus applicable taxes) to your credit card or other means of payment which they will retain on file. You may cancel your service at any time by contacting our Customer Service team at 1-800-985-5916.

Is Chaikin PowerTrader Good For You?

With Chaikin PowerTrader you can begin using a strategy that helped Marc Chaikin make incredible wealth for his clients for five decades. It’s a way to make bigger gains than anything the Power Gauge has ever been used for until now.

And now that the timing is finally right for you to begin using it yourself, Marc is going to share his favorite opportunities each month, that he selects along with his specialist, Briton Hill.

…to multiply the gains you could make using the Power Gauge the normal way and instead execute Power Trades that could make you multiple times your money in just a few months.

Remember, this is a strategy you can apply over and over again as this volatile new bull market claws its way higher.

Each month, Marc and Briton will send you the complete details of a specific Power Trade with the potential to make hundreds of percent gains in just a few months, after a Power Trade Signal triggers on a bullish rated stock.

Ready To Get Started with Chaikin PowerTrader? Click Here To Join Now!

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