Microcap Confidential Review: Joel Litman Six Microcaps Legit?

Joel Litman’s Microcap Confidentia newsletter has caught the attention of many investors, promising significant returns in just a short period of time. However, with so many investment options available, it can be difficult to determine which services are worth the investment. That’s where our Microcap Confidential review comes in. We’ve done the research and analysis necessary to provide you with a comprehensive review of Litman’s service, helping you make an informed decision about your investments.

Joel Litman stepped forward recently and talked about how to get ready for the Greatest Wall Street Event of 2023 by using his Altimeter system (part of Microcap Confidential offer).

To help our readers position themselves for a stock market event coming in just the next few weeks, we put together all important details from Litman’s interview. Read further to learn what is happening and how Altimeter and Microcap Confidential can help you to protect yourself and your family.

What Joel Litman Is Calling for Today?

While the mainstream financial media has been fixated on the 2023 Bank Collapse, everyday investors have no idea that an entirely new kind of reckoning is on its way to US markets.

Wall Street is already preparing themselves for a big stock market event on June 23rd.

Since March this year, JP Morgan is sending out internal messages about this event.

More than half of the US stock market is expected to move before the market closes on Friday, June 23rd.

Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Google, and dozens of other companies are among them.

Joel explained this event to his audience, including why it is potentially so dangerous.

But first, let’s talk about Joel and his background.

Who Is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman is Chief Investment Strategist at Valens Research, an institutional investment research firm. Among his followers are the top 10 global investment houses, and more than half of the world’s biggest money managers. Some have paid Joel up to $100,000 in a single month.

All to gain access to the amazing insights, forecasts, and recommendations found in Joel’s stock-picking system, the Altimeter. (part of current Microcap Confidential promotion)

He was invited to speak at Harvard, MIT, Wharton, and The London School of Economics.

He has advised the Department of Defense, the FBI, and the Marine Corps War College, and the Pentagon frequently requests his economic forecasts.

When Joel steps forward like this time, you can be sure that the most powerful and important people in the country are paying attention.

What To Expect in June 2023?

According to Joel Litman, a dramatic stock market event is expected on June 23, 2023. Joel says the market could fall 80% or more by the end of 2023, as a direct result of what’s happening on June 23rd.

The last time this happened, 118 stocks crashed 20%-90% as a direct result in less than a year. Here is a snapshot of the losses.

Microcap Confidential Review

The exact same market event also sent 150 DIFFERENT stocks way UP, practically overnight!

41 of those stocks skyrocketed over 100%. You had the chance to triple your money in less than 60 days.

The same event will happen again on June 23rd. It will give you a chance to make and save money. This is not a prediction. Joel knows that June 23rd is going to happen.

Because it’s happened every single year since 1988. Always in June.  And always with dramatic consequences for over half of the entire U.S. stock market. Joel calls it “Wall Street’s Superball”.

I said it is Wall Street’s Superbowl because usually, they’re the only ones who are getting to play.

Microcap Confidential Review

However, many of those stocks will only move a few percent up and down. That’s why you’ve probably never heard of this. Or why you may believe it hasn’t affected your finances until now.

Joel shared that moments like this are exactly why he built his stock-picking system, the Altimeter.

What Opportunities Gives the Altimeter and Microcap Confidential?

To be clear from the beginning – the opportunities you’ll find in the Altimeter don’t involve options or cryptos. All you’re doing is buying the right stocks at the right time.

Joel made research within his system and found out that you could have AT LEAST doubled your money… every three months… for the past six years. All just following this one strategy each June.

For example, back in June 2022, when the stock market just entered its first bear market since COVID crash. The Altimeter would have picked up three little-known stocks. One of them is Intapp Inc. It is a small cloud-software company, specializing in AI.

Intapp dropped with the rest of the tech sector in early 2022.

The annual Wall Street event took place on June 24th. Intapp was up 60% just six months later.

Microcap Confidential Review

And it soared 169% by March of this year. While tech stocks ultimately went down another 25%.

Bottom Line: Some stocks are about to collapse. They’ll lose so much value so quickly that what happened in 2022 will look like a warm-up. But their destruction will send a wave of wealth into a new generation of Wall Street Darlings. This is one of the best opportunities Joel has seen in his career for you to double… triple… potentially quadruple your money in the next twelve to twenty-four months.

How the Altimeter and Microcap Confidential Work?

Public companies like Intapp are required by law to release their financial statements. Altimeter automatically analyzes those financial statements.

It checks the balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows of 32,000 publicly traded companies to identify more than 130 typical accounting mistakes.

It fixes them.

The company’s TRUE earning power is then calculated.

Which is frequently much different from the figure displayed on Yahoo Finance.

When you type Intapp into Joel’s system, you see this chart pop up.

Microcap Confidential Review

The -3 figure in orange is the reported number. In blue, next to it is the earnings power, calculated by the Altimeter. It is 47%.

That’s a remarkable earnings distortion. And it gives you a very different picture of Intapp’s financial situation.

Similar distortions of varying sizes can be seen in all three of the stocks that have more than doubled since last June.

There are ALWAYS winners as a direct result of this event every June.

The Altimeter is designed to identify winners with the largest earnings distortions.

NON-GAAP accounting is what powers the Altimeter.  It’s just a basic system set up to use their own non-GAAP accounting method. It is simple and precisely corrects all the 130 errors caused by GAAP.

The Small-cap Premium

While the Altimeter performs excellently on large stocks, it identifies the most distortions… in extremely small stocks.

This is a big advantage, because the firms involved in the Wall Street event each year are so small, you’d have to be an expert trader to even be aware of them, let alone know which of these little stocks to BUY and which to SELL.

These are some of the most profitable stocks in recent years! The AVERAGE gain of my test winners is 200%!

How Russell Index Will Change on June 23rd?

On June 23, 2023, the Russell Indexes will undergo their annual process of reconstitution. There are only three things you need to know about this:

  • The Russell is a group of indexes that that rate and monitor 3,000 U.S. equities solely on their size.
  • Every fourth Friday in June, all of the Russell indexes are automatically rebalanced. Hundreds of companies are ADDED to the Russell indexes. And hundreds of companies are DELETED from the Russell Indexes.
  • Wall Street will be focused on the Russell 2000 index. It consists of 2,000 of the smallest companies in the U.S. stock market. Stocks that are ADDED to the Russell 2000 typically go UP in price. And stocks that are deleted from the Russell 2000 typically go DOWN in price.

Microcap Confidential Review

Each of those incredible gains started with the exact same market event in June. And delivered these gains within 6-24 months. Compare that to the 7 years it takes the average stock to double.

This has been a proven phenomenon in finance since the 1980s. It’s called the “small cap premium.” It is one of the few effects accepted by almost the whole academic community. It describes the extra return, received by investors for investing in small companies, instead of larger ones.

In general, small stocks are more volatile than large stocks. They go up and down more easily in the short term due to their size. However, over the long term, tiny stocks have produced positive 5-year annualized returns 100% of the time.

There is numerous scientific research devoted to this phenomenon, known as the Russell Effect. This effect happens when a company is added to the Russell 2000. All funds benchmarked to the index will automatically order it. This makes their shares to jump high. On the other side, when a company was removed, its shares plummet.

Altimeter’s Small Stock Recommendation

Joel Litman’s prediction for this year’s event is going to be the most lucrative Russell Reconstitution in twenty years.

Whereas 100-200% gains were typical, on June 23rd, Joel believes a big list of 300-500% winners will begin show up. The reason that stays behind his prediction is that we are seeing an extraordinary trend emerging in smaller stocks. It could boost 3-5 times the Russel Effect.

Small stocks are currently trading at their greatest discount since 2003, thanks to the volatility of the last 18 months. The last time we saw valuations this low, the entire Russell 2000 went on to more than double in just three years.

Do you know that The Russell has to disclose the list of companies that will be added to the Russell 2000 ahead of time so that the dozens of funds that will be affected can plan properly?

Joel already has the list of stocks that will be added to/deleted from the Russell 2000 on June 23rd. He and his team have already pulled the most promising additions and deletions and run them through the Altimeter. They’ve just narrowed down the six they believe will double or more by this time next year.

You will find their names in the brand-new report “Six Microcaps That Could ‘5x’ Your Money Starting June 23.”

Joel Litman Six Microcaps That Could '5x' Your Money Starting June 23

Joel believes that each of these six stocks will at LEAST double your money in the next 6 to 24 months.

You want to buy his six new recommendations NOW, in the sweet spot AFTER Rank Day, and BEFORE the money finishes moving in earnest on June 23rd.

Joel Litman’s FREE Recommendations

During the interview Joel shared one of his recommendations for FREE. It is NOT one of his Russell 2000 recommendations because they are only for his subscribers.  sharing the name and ticker of a stock that’s still relatively small that he thinks has a very solid runway ahead of it for the next three to six months.

Microcap Confidential Review

Joel prediction is that the next stock will be deleted from the Russell 2000 on June 23rd – and the Altimeter sees very dark days in store for this company as a result.

Microcap Confidential Review

Don’t forget, this stock is just one of many on the Russell 2023 Blacklist.

Joel’s research service Microcap Confidential is dedicated to identifying huge possibilities in the world’s smallest stocks. Here are few words about it.

Microcap Confidential Review – What Is It?

Subscribers of Microcap Confidential receive monthly recommendation of a tiny stock with a big distortion in the Altimeter. This stock has massive upside potential.

Even with all of the recent volatility, the Microcap Confidential model portfolio presently has three open triple-digit winners!

So far, Microcap Confidential’s average annual return is more than five times higher than the S&P! But based on the extreme opportunity we have leading up to this year’s Russell Reconstitution, Joel believes that his six new recommendations could very well go down as the best of his career to date.

How Much Is Microcap Confidential Subscription?

Joel wants anybody who has suffered from fear or loss in the last year to be able to benefit from it for the first time in history. So, he’s offering access to his top-tier research at a very low price.

Microcap Confidential normally costs $5,000 per year.

For short time Joel is giving 60% OFF the normal price. You can receive full year of service for only $2,000 plus additional bonuses that we will list below.

The best part is that with current promotion Joel extended his 100% Guarantee from 30 to 60 days. Within this period, you will receive full refund in the form of Altimetry credit.

What is included in Microcap Confidential?

Microcap Confidential Review

Current promotion will give you incredible opportunity to get not only 12 months of Joel’s service but also the following bonuses:

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

60% OFF One Year of Microcap Confidential ($5,000 value)

Each month for the next year, Joel will email you the tiny stocks, with massive distortions in the Altimeter, that are on track to deliver the biggest potential gains!

There are THREE 100%+ open recommendations in Microcap Confidential as we write this – even during the worst year for stocks since 2008. And Joel’s average annual return is more than 5x higher than the S&P.

One FREE Year of Altimeter Pro

For the next year, you can type 5,000 tickers into Joel’s legendary system, and instantly know a company’s TRUE earning power. You’ll quickly see why one of Joel’s readers says it’s like having “x-ray vision” for the U.S. stock market. You can read our full Litman’s Altimeter Review here.

One FREE Year of the Sector Analyzer

Joel took the same non-GAAP accounting that gives him critical information on whether an individual stock is likely to soar or crash… and expanded it – to generate the TRUE earning power of entire sectors! You’ll instantly be able to screen for big opportunities and dangers in our stock market’s sectors. Along with hundreds of ETFs that represent individual industries.

Six Microcaps That Could 5X Your Money Starting June 23

Joel just used the Altimeter to handpick what he predicts will be the BIGGEST winners of the Russell 2000 Reconstitution on June 23rd. EACH of these stocks could at least double your money by this time next year. Some could soar as much as 500%.

The 2023 Russell Reconstitution Blacklist

Joel also narrowed down the companies the Altimeter flagged for the WORST losses during this year’s Russell 2000 Reconstitution. Holding just one of these stocks in the weeks ahead could erase any of your potential gains.

The Ultimate 2023 Russell 2000 Watchlist

These tiny stocks aren’t a good buy right NOW… but they could be a fantastic opportunity later this year, as dozens of stocks feel the power of the Russell Effect. Consider these your late-2023 potential doubles and triples.

Your FREE Insider Access Pass

Lock in this “peek behind the curtain” of one of the most exclusive benefits of joining Joel today. Others have paid $2,499 to access this, but you’re getting it free of charge on this page ONLY.

Microcap Forensics: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains on the Smallest Companies

This is your quick, straightforward guide to instantly getting the most out of your new subscription and free bonuses – so you can start seeing big potential gains as soon as possible.

A Library of Reports, Issues, and Videos from Joel

As an added bonus, you’ll immediately unlock Joel’s entire library of special reports, monthly issues, daily insights, and how-to videos. It’s a wealth of knowledge followed by top money management firms and global fund managers, now at YOUR fingertips.

Mystery Gift

This extraordinary bonus has given regular people the chance to see how they can make 1,000% gains.

One FREE Year of Timetable Investor ($199 Value)

As a surprise bonus, Joel’s throwing in ANOTHER one of his elite research services, absolutely free! Pair this with your new Altimeter access for the highest potential gains.

Microcap Confidential Review: Final Words

Now is the time to decide whether or not you’re going to act this year… or let another Russell Reconstitution pass you by. This is the best price EVER offered for everything included in this promotion. Remember, your purchase will be protected by extended 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Get 60% OFF One Year of Microcap Confidential – plus you’re entitled to more than $10,899 worth of research, recommendations, and FREE bonuses by acting now – at the special price of $2,000.

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