Crypto Flash Trader Review – Is Ian Dyer’s Service Legit?

Crypto Flash Trader is a brand new service by Ian Dyer and Banyan Hill that guarantees 30 winning crypto trades over the next 12 months. Read our full Crypto Flash Trader review to learn all about Ian Dyer’s crypto service.

Ian Dyer recently dropped an absolute bombshell when he announced his $350,000 price target by August on the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Even crazier, he recently captured 32 consecutive winning trades in his first five months, beta-testing a new crypto trading strategy – Crypto Flash Trader – without touching bitcoin at all!


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Crypto Flash Trader Review – What Is It?

There’s no better time than now to be invested in cryptocurrencies. Today, the global monetary system is growing increasingly inefficient as cryptocurrency swoops in and provides a solution in the form of an explosive new digital economy.

By joining this Crypto Flash Trader service, you’re more than getting ahead of this massive transition underway — you’re setting yourself up to profit from some of the most traction-gaining, competitor-beating opportunities in the cryptoverse.

Using Ian Dyer’s unique three-phase, multipoint “flash strategy,” you’ll pinpoint and trade high-quality cryptos that could surge 100% or more in 30 days, on average.

And it’s this proven strategy that garnered 32 straight winners in just 32 days during Ian Dyer’s beta test, including:

  • 100% on Uniswap in just seven days…
  • 83% on Republic-Protocol in 10 days…
  • 71% on Theta in 12 days…
  • 56% on Republic-Protocol in two weeks…
  • 91% on Chainlink in two months…to name a few.

You see, the secret to cashing in on a winning crypto play is all about timing, and that’s where the three main points of Ian Dyer’s trading system come in. Each point allows you to zoom in and out of different time frames to time your buys and sells to take advantage of trading momentum.


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Crypto Flash Trader – How It Works?

Last year, Banyan Hill Publishing launched an aggressive research service after the market crashed in March. The returns in that service over the next year were absolutely spectacular.

That’s because their readers had a chance to buy awesome companies at a huge discount.

Today, we have the exact same opportunity in the crypto market.

Paul and Ian are confident this market is about to soar … and fast.

Which is why they have finally pulled the trigger on  their much-anticipated crypto advisory research service – Crypto Flash Trader.

Ian conducted an in-house beta test of his strategy during the first wave of this bull run … the gains were completely nuts, with Ian capturing one winning gain after the next.

Ian has become known for capturing win streaks like this.

And right now … the opportunity in the crypto market is one of the best we’ve ever seen.
Ian is thrilled to be able to start recommending cryptos to his readers at these levels.

You just have to take the next step.

As a new subscriber, you’ll plunge headlong into the exciting new world of crypto assets, where life-changing gains are happening left and right.

With a $350,000 price target for bitcoin, there should be plenty of opportunities over the next 12 months to rack up successive gains in the crypto-universe

Like the ones Ian’s been banking in his beta test … 48% in one week, 56% in two weeks, 71% in twelve days, 83% in ten days and even 100% in just seven days.

And now, he will show YOU the best opportunities he sees at any given moment.

In the first five months of beta testing, Ian didn’t close a single loss, but this market is still incredibly volatile. However, with Ian’s help, you’ll know exactly what to do day in and day out.

But remember… Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


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Who Is Ian Dyer?

Ian Dyer is one of the top internal analysts and editors for Banyan Hill Publishing.

He graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in finance and has continued to be involved with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) community since then. After taking part in the CFA collegiate research skills competition in 2014, he passed all three levels of the CFA exams. Passing the CFA exams demonstrates an analyst’s thorough command of economics, accounting, portfolio management, stock and bond valuation, and more.

As a regular contributor to both Smart Profits Daily and American Investor Today, Ian has utilized these skills to analyze valuable investment recommendations for Banyan Hill’s 300,000 readers.

By joining Paul Mampilly as an internal analyst across his various services — in addition to co-editing Paul’s latest services, Rapid Profit Trader and Rebound Profit Trader, and serving as sole editor of Crypto Flash Trader — Ian has cemented his place among the investing elite.


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What’s Included With Your Crypto Flash Trader Subscription?

Ian just issued his first trade recommendation! And it could be just one of many in the coming weeks. Ian says the prices in certain cryptos he’s watching right now are irresistible. If you want more crypto – here’s Everything You Get as a Charter Member
to Crypto Flash Trader.

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week you’ll receive Ian’s big-picture updates, including where he sees the crypto market heading, as well as answers to your questions and details on any sectors and individual tokens he’s targeting for massive gain potential.

Trade Alerts

These trades will arrive in your inbox between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. You may opt in to SMS text messaging to receive a notification to your phone anytime a new recommendation has been sent to your inbox.

Ian’s Guarantee

You’ll receive a minimum of 30 trade alerts over the next year, or Ian Dyer will give you a second year of Crypto Flash Trader for free. That’s Ian’s big promise. Ian might recommend 50 or even 100… Time will tell. But you will get 30 minimum.

The Crypto Flash Trader Trading Manual

Everything you need to know about Crypto Flash Trader is right here, including the sorts of tokens Ian will be targeting as well as his strategy for targeting lightning-fast moves in this space.

Special Reports

You’ll get a copy of two special reports with your subscription, including a copy of “Cryptionary” (Crypto Dictionary) as well as the step-by-step guide on how to trade crypto in your new Coinbase account. Ian Dyer gives you everything you need to get up to speed in a flash!

A Dedicated Customer Care Team

Ian Dyer has a team of highly trained and educated customer care representatives who can help you with any questions you may have about your new subscription.

Crypto Flash Trader Subscription Fee

You can get one year of Crypto Flash Trader for $3,995.

Crypto Flash Trader Refund Policy

All sales are final. No cash refund!


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With experts projecting gains as high as 1,530% by the end of this year…

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Closing Remarks on Crypto Flash Trader Review

The crypto market sleeps for no one. This is a 24 hour market where double-digit moves can happen by the day.

Ian Dyer will be issuing a ton of new cryptos trades over the coming weeks.

He’s currently accepting charter members into his new crypto advisory research service, Crypto Flash Trader, at a discounted price.

Many people have written this market off as dead. It’s not.

Every time I’ve seen the weak hands shaken out like this—and I’ve been tracking this market for years—prices come swinging back in a blaze of glory.

It can happen faster than you possibly realize, so I encourage you to claim one of the charter memberships in Crypto Flash Trader so you can get the play-by-play on Ian Dyer’s top recommendations.

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