The Daily 10X Stock Report Review – Is Luke Lango’s Research Legit?

The Daily 10X Stock Report is a research service where Luke Lango gives you the power to exploit the secret stock market phenomenon to score your very own 10X gains… every single day.

Luke Lango’s 10X Anomaly Summit Replay

Last night, I hosted my first-ever 10X Anomaly Summit, where I unveiled the secret stock market phenomenon that millionaires have been exploiting for decades.

With this secret, investors can consistently score 2X, 3X, even 10X returns in the stock market.

Perhaps even more…

It was a smashing success. A lot of you signed up for our research service, The Daily 10X Stock Report, in which we give you the power to exploit that same market phenomenon to score your very own 10X gains… every single day.

Specifically, in that exclusive research advisory, we give subscribers a brand-new potential 10X stock idea every single day the market is open.

Bold? You bet is. But it’s a strategy which has – in just over a year – already uncovered nearly 100 triple-digit winners and 6 different stocks that have soared 10X or more in value.

In less than a year.

Clearly, those of you who signed up for The Daily 10X Stock Report have put yourselves in a position to change your financial lives forever.

And those of you who didn’t may get left behind…

But not so quick.

I’m going to give folks who missed last night’s 10X Anomaly Summit one final chance, because this truly is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

And I’m going to present that opportunity in a super-unique, super-compelling way – by giving you, for free, a potential 10X investment idea that I already presented to Daily 10X subs.

So… here goes nothing…

Today, I’m going to tell you about a totally under-the-radar cryptocurrency that could replace PayPal.

Luke Lango: This Is the Cryptocurrency That Will Replace PayPal

But first, you must understand something: Blockchain is an existential threat to Big Tech.

I won’t bore you with the details in this issue. But, in the big picture, blockchain is arguably the most disruptive technology since the internet, with the core of this disruption being blockchain’s centralized and immutable ledger.

This thoughtfully constructed ledger enables innately untrustworthy individuals and entities to collectively create trustworthy systems, without the need for any central authority – hence the term “disintermediation.” Blockchain enables humans to remove the middle-man from legacy systems, and replace them with a collective ledger.

Now… why would we do that?

Because middlemen are often unnecessary profit-takers, that are very usually quite slow, and sometimes subject to corruption (see: 2008). By axing them out – and replacing these go-betweens with an automated and incorruptible technology that doesn’t need a salary – we can inherently make today’s systems and processes more trustworthy, faster, and cheaper.

Big Tech is really just a collection of the biggest and best middlemen on the planet.

Facebook is the go-between you and your friends, and monetizes your relationships by exploiting your data to give you ads you don’t want…

Amazon is the go-between you and your favorite shops, and monetizes your need to buy things by taking profits away from sellers…

Google is the go-between you and information, and monetizes your need to know things by tracking you all over the internet, and selling that data to the highest bidder…

These middlemen need to be disintermediated – and they will be, by blockchain technology.

So… with that in mind… I’d like to introduce you to the cryptocurrency that will disintermediate PayPal: Celo (CGLD).

What Is Celo (CGLD) – The Daily 10X Stock Report?

In its simplest terms, Celo is a blockchain protocol that is intended to disintermediate all centralized P2P payments platforms.

The “Celo Wallet” was the project’s first application, and for all intents and purposes, it acts and looks like the PayPal app. A user can put fiat/USD currency in the Celo Wallet, and then send it to anyone in the world with a smartphone, using a phone number. The end user will receive the payment in dollars.

So… it really is just Venmo, or CashApp, or PayPal…

But the big differences are usabilityspeed, and cost.

Owing to its decentralized nature, Celo is borderless. A person in America can send payments to a person in Europe, and vice versa. Celo doesn’t transact in currencies. It transacts in cryptos, and does the conversion to fiat currencies at the end of the transfer (where appropriate). Therefore, it’s not subject to regulatory currency hurdles. It’s borderless, and it can be used between any two parties in the world, regardless of location.

That’s a huge advantage.

Meanwhile, also owing to its decentralized nature, Celo can perform international P2P money transfers for industry-low costs and at industry-high speeds. There is no profit-taking middleman named PayPal to charge 2% on each transfer or transaction, and there is no wait time for a central authority to verify the payments.

There is just a technology that works instantly and for free.

In other words, Celo is a freerfaster, and fairer PayPal.

It’s the future.

Now, here’s the back-of-the-envelope math to huge upside for Celo coin.

PayPal is a $305 billion fintech empire. Celo’s market cap is just $700 million. You’re talking nearly 440X upside potential for Celo, if Celo entirely replaces PayPal.

We aren’t saying that’s going to happen. PayPal is here to stay. But Celo will be able to craft a niche for itself in the fintech world as the de facto P2P payment platform for international and large money transfers.

That’s a sizable market – big enough that if you’re looking to make a long-term investment in the burgeoning crypto market today, you may want to consider taking a position in Celo coin today.

The Daily 10X Stock Report – How To Sign Up?

And, better yet, you may want to consider signing up for The Daily 10X Stock Report, because in the exclusive research advisory service, you’ll get a new investment idea like Celo every single day the market is open.

You won’t find this breadth of potentially life-changing financial research anywhere else in the world.

Take advantage of this opportunity.

And if you missed last night’s 10X Anomaly Summit, be sure to check it out in full here.

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