Dollar Ace Service by Kyle Dennis

“Dollar options are the most profitable instruments on Wall Street” . With this mantra starts the presentation of Kyle Dennis’s new service, called Dollar Ace

For the last five years Kyle Dennis has made over 7 million trading. Just a few years ago Kyle was a brand new trader browsing the Internet for answers… and he realized not everyone out there is actually trying to help.

It’s sad but true.

Kyle Dennis is known as The People’s trader. He got it, because he wants his members to make huge profits.

He developed a scanner that could detect options contracts under $1. If you are interested, follow him to learn how to use this information in your advantage. Here is a Free copy of his book “Dollar Ace – Dollar Option Trader”.

No time for this? No problem. Kyle promised he would do all the work for you. 

Dollar Ace works well with small and large accounts. 

Small account? 

Most people get into the market with a small amount, but this is a great start. Learn how to trade. Take smaller positions. Then learn some more. Take bigger positions. That’s Kyle’s philosophy and it was the same philosophy he had when he started trading as well! Let him show you how it’s possible to grow a small account and use Dollar Ace service in its full potential.

How Dollar Ace works?

Kyle launched this service in August 2019 after he realized his scanner detects unusual options activity. He uses this valuable information to make the trades. He will be sending his subscribers video alerts so they can see how he made the trade. With this service you will no longer wait for media or some report to hit the market. In fact, as a member you will be ahead together with Kyle. 

You can choose between 1-year and lifetime membership

Dollar Ace is a great training and education opportunity. Sadly they have strict “No refund” policy. 

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