Katusa’s Resource Opportunities Review (2021) – Is it Worth Your Money?

Do you have investments in gold?  During this unprecedented time in the world, many investors are planning to buy gold stocks. Wait! Marin Katusa and his Resource Opportunities urge you not to buy another gold stock until you understand what’s really going on behind the scenes, and how you can profit from investment in gold.

In current world… with a whole new era of market risks that we have never seen before, if you want to make a lot of money from the gold bull market, you need to spend some time to deeply understand two major things. First, learn the difference between +SWAP vs -SWAP nation risks to your portfolio.  Second – you must know the right gold stocks to buy.

During his career, Katusa has been traveling all around the world. He financed a company in the Balkans, that was valued at $1 million in 2009. Today, the project is valued at over $1 billion. I’ll leave to you to calculate the gain. 

Because of his traveling and his experience, he learned his lesson:

If you are looking to invest in gold and resource stocks, your first priority is to make sure your investment is in politically stable jurisdictions. These are  countries with U.S. Dollar SWAP lines, which Katusa calls “+SWAP Line Nations”.

Before the pandemic shut down, gold was already in a surging bull market (20%+ gain) in all the major currencies, except the U.S. dollar. Because of this, the central banks and investors rush for gold. Katusa believes that we are in the early stages of gold bull market, and the biggest gains are about to happen. He says that he has never felt more confident about an investment idea than this one. The plan is to make a lot of money. 

Think about this for a second – what if every gold stock you bought 
was a winner?

In fact, in 2019 every single gold stock in his portfolio of seven stocks went up. Now is the time to increase your exposure to the best gold stocks.

And if you’re interested…He is offering a discounted membership to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities , including his exclusive 6-stock gold portfolio.

How to prepare and make money from a Gold Price Shock?

Here are his two scenarios for gold stocks in the near future:

Option 1: Gold bounces around the $1,650-1,750 range over the next 12 weeks and consolidates a base for the next leg higher in the spot price of gold. 

Option 2: The Gold Price Drops over the next 12 weeks.

Why these two scenarios? Here is quick info:

  1. Currently over 200 primary gold and silver mines are not working. That is about 5% of global primary gold production. If this virus continues to spread, in the next 3 months we could witness at least 20% of primary gold production comes offline.
  • The Canadian Mint is offline, as well as many other mints around the world. The US Mint is operating at normal rates. However, due to logistical issues new products are delayed.
  • Three of the largest gold refineries in the world are now back online, but they are operating at 50% capacity. 

Katusa Research has a fantastic portfolio of the best gold companies (6 in total). Expectations are two of these companies to be bought out within the next 18 months, and we will get an incredible spin out of the best royalties in the business for free.  

How to get started with Resource Opportunities?

Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is one of the most widely followed research services in the business. Their subscriber list is literally a “who’s who” of the resource industry.

An annual subscription to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is regularly $3,495. For short period, you can subscribe for just $1,997 per year—$1,500 off the regular price. 

Here is one very important thing you should know: There are no refunds with this discounted offer. So, do not sign up unless you’re 100% convinced you want to get their research and ideas on how to position yourself in the gold and resource markets for the next year.

What you will receive?

With your subscription you will receive:

  • The monthly electronic Issue of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities. Each issue evaluates his current open positions, future plays, and deep research behind the companies that his subscribers are investing in. By the way, Katusa Research is 100% independent. He does not accept outside advertising from companies to be recommended or included in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities.
  • The 3 Best Gold Stocks to Own in 2020 – This is a detailed report on his top 3 gold holdings plus bonus 4th company. The founder of this business just sold his previous gold company for under a billion dollars.
  • Special periodic reports with details on specific sectors for quick money making opportunities.
  • Interim alerts, so you can take advantage of quick plays and secure large gains.
  • Access to his personal resource portfolio in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, and your chance to invest alongside him at the same terms and price.
  • Access to the Katusa Research members area 

And last but not least – keep in mind that he wants to make sure you’re on the right side of the line being drawn in the War on Gold, and have the chance to profit right along with him.

Good luck!

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