Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Review: Bloody Wednesday DOW Drop

Jim Rickards and the team at Strategic Intelligence are out with a new presentation discussing “Bloody Wednesday.” That’s how is called the expected mother of all financial crashes of our lifetime. It could send stocks plummeting by as much as 80% overnight.

To discuss the details, Chris Ford is meeting Jim Rickards, one of the world’s leading economist and former advisor of CIA and the Pentagon.

In this video Jim is showing us why the next few weeks may be the most critical moment in our financial lifetime. He is expecting an “inflation shock” and he wants to show everyday people the steps we can take to avoid the upcoming meltdown.  He reveals the special investment that he personally put $1M dollars as a preparation for this moment.

Jim Rickards’ Next Prediction – Executive Order Impacts US Dollar?

Here are the essentials in this interview:

What is Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday?

The Government printed nearly five trillion dollars since start of Coronavirus. Yes, the prices at the grocery stores are up. But Jim is sure that high inflation is not coming. And he believes this exactly is what should really scare all of us. He is participating in this event to warn people and let them know what is coming next.

Over the past few decades, we used every opportunity to pump money and debt into the system trying to avoid all different economy crisis. After the dot.com crash, the interest rates were lowered forcing money into the economy and creating the housing bubble. When the housing bubble began to collapse began the money printing.

After the Coronavirus hit – our government printed 5 trillion dollars to keep the economy from complete collapse. The US debt has never been higher before. So much money circulating in the economy at such low interest rates.

But how the Federal Government “print money”?

In simple words what they do is to buy bonds called primary dealers. The Feds call the dealers and says, “I want to buy some bonds”. The Bank deliverers the bonds and the Fed pays with printed money.

What happens with this excess of cash? Banks do not give out loans. Money is not going out to economy. Instead, the banks are giving the money back to the Fed in the form of excess reserves. There is no other choice pretty much, and they get interest rate from the Fed.

What Will You Learn Attending Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday Presentation?

Jim Rickards presents few good examples of why he believes that the stock market today is in the middle of a historic bubble.

One indicator is the market cap to GDP ratio. It gives us an idea of how much money is invested in the stock market compared to the size of economy. This is one of Warren Buffet’s favorite indicators to predict market crash. Currently its position is almost 150% higher than at its historic pick during dot.com bubble.

Buffett Indicator

Another way to see Rickards’ point is to analyze margin debt chart below. It shows how much money people borrow to invest in the stock market. You can see how much the increase during the tech bubble and the 2008 financial crisis was. Now compare it with current numbers. It stands almost twice higher than any point in history.

Finra Margin

The list of examples goes on and on. Rickards is sure that almost every measure you can analyze, shows that the stock market today is in a historic bubble. He is not the only one that believes in this statement. Many of the brightest financial minds in our world believe in the same theory. Looks like it is matter of time for the bubble to burst.

Why Will Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday Occur?

The huge difference between bubbles we’ve seen before, and the one we are experiencing now is that the Government and The Federal Reserve will not be able to save the economy. They have pumped so much money for so long that tools like fiscal spending and stimulus will not be helpful anymore. This means that when the stock market crashes, it will not recover for years.

2008 financial crisis was limited mostly to the financial system. What is happening right now is economic crisis. Just like The Great depression. It can’t be stopped with more debt and printing money. Many of the million jobs we’ve lost during pandemic will not come back. According to Harvard University’s economic tracker, the number of small businesses currently active is 37% smaller comparing before pandemic. It will take years of growth to get back where we were.

But you can’t see this when you look at the stock market. The Dow’s trading at all time high. More people are investing their money in stocks. It is only matter of short time the economic reality to catch up with the stock market.

If you have money in the markets, it is very important to listen to Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday presentation. You may find the right steps to protect your wealth, especially people near their retirement age.

Jim Rickards 5 Step Bloody Wednesday Survival Plan

Here are Jim Rickards 5 steps that you could take to protect your wealth and even to make a profit.

Jim Rickards First Step

First step is to make sure you have enough cash to cover 3-6 months’ worth of expenses. Rickards is also recommending moving a large part of your portfolio to cash. Having large cash position will limit your loss during market crash and will give you strong power to enter back at rock bottom prices.

Rickards’ Step 2

Step 2: Put 10% of your portfolio in GOLD – the world’s most indestructible assets. Eventually government will try to print its way out of the economic downturn. In times of inflation, gold is the way to go. One of the great recourses of how to invest in Gold is James Rickards’ book “The New Case for Gold”. Its retail value is $26 but you can claim it if you watch his presentation.

Jim’s Step 3

Step 3: How to 10X protect your money from crash. James Rickards calls it a “portfolio insurance” play. It is one of the most powerful wealth building tools you can use in the times of crisis. You will be able to read all details for this powerful strategy in his special dossier he has put together for this event.

Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday Step 4

Step 4: The 5 “Anti-Meme” stocks set to soar when the bubble bursts. Some stocks have “secret ingredient” that helps them soar during crisis. Companies like The Hershey Company (HSY), Hasbro, Inc. (HAS), AutoZone, Inc (AZO) which since 2009 recession increased more than 1,064%. Each one of these companies have high return on the invested capital. They are very well-run companies that can expand in tough times. In the dossier, you will find details of all five companies that James has identified.

Jim Rickards’ Step 5

Step 5 is more of a request than a step. Keep an Eye on your Inbox. People that registered will receive FREE invitation only event ticket. This is virtual event where James Rickard will share his secrets how to profit from massive geo-political events. These strategies could help you to make massive profit as the crisis unfold. Usually, ticket to this event costs $2,000.

In the presentation you will have the unique opportunity to subscribe to Jim Rickards research service called Strategic Intelligence.

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence – What Is It?

Strategic Intelligence is an investment advisory service edited by Jim Rickards of Paradigm Press, and according to the company website, its goal is to “help you prepare and profit from the coming collapse of the dollar.”

During his long career working at the highest levels of finance and intelligence communities, Jim Rickards has developed a strong network of connections that give him market insights so he can always be one step ahead of the mainstream. He is the one that knows what really is going on behind the scenes in America.

What’s Included with Your Strategic Intelligence Subscription?

Here is a recap of what is included in Strategic Intelligence membership:

  • 12 monthly newsletters
  • “The Bloody Wednesday Survival Guide…How to Survive and Prosper in The Decades That Lie Ahead”. Here you can read about all the facts and figures, together with few special investment opportunities. You will find also: The most important investment you need to do right now; Specific portfolio allocations for the coming correction; 5 investments that could give you big fat returns during market crash, and many more opportunities Jim Rickards Bloody Wednesday
  • Special report “How to 10X your money during a market crash”
  • The 5 “Anti-Meme” stocks that will skyrocket during crisis.
  • The New Case for Gold
  • The New Case for Gold hidden chapter – this is an updated chapter of his book. It includes seven unique gold and silver investment opportunities.
  • A FREE Goldback – these are a thinly printed sheets of real gold that are covered in a protective polymer. They look almost like real cash. They are legal to use anywhere in United States. And the best part is that they’ve been soaring in value twice the rate of gold. You can use them as alternative investment.
  • FREE ticket to the paradigm Shift Summit (valued over $2,000)
  • Access to live intelligence with Jim where you can join a small group of people that can submit questions on a live call with Jim.
  • Access to the strategic Intelligence Model Portfolio that is updated in real time, so you know where to invest during each stage of the crisis.

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Pricing

You can use the one-time opportunity to subscribe for only $49 per year. In addition, you will be able to lock this rate for the years to come.

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Refund Policy

If you are not happy with this subscription in the first 6 months, call them and you will get full refund. You will even be able to keep the reports, dossier, the Goldback.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence?

Hope we were able to help you decide what is best for you and your wealth during this difficult time. Thanks for reading.

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