Marc Chaikin Predicts #1 AI Stock of 2023

CNBC’s Jim Cramer once said: “I learned a long time ago not to be on the other side of a Chaikin trade.”

Because his frequent Mad Money guest, Marc Chaikin, is Wall Street’s “canary in the coalmine.”

Since Chaikin accurately predicted the 2012 Priceline collapse, the 2020 crash, and the 2022 bear market, over 1 million people have chosen to follow his Wall Street warnings.

Today, Chaikin’s stepping forward with a new warning – focused on the red-hot A.I. frenzy taking the U.S. stock market by storm.

“This is when people get hurt,” says Chaikin, who’s traded through nine bear markets. “If you’re holding Nvidia (NVDA) or FAANG right now, it’s time to prepare for a massive shift.”

Chaikin, who was hired to create three new indices for the Nasdaq, says that this shift will usher in the next wave of A.I. winners…

Sending multiple “under-the-radar” stocks shooting up 200%… 300%… even 500%.

All while potentially devastating investors holding the wrong A.I. stocks.

“This is an extreme setup I haven’t seen since the 2020 crash,” Chaikin says. “The last time this happened, you could have locked in a 100x gain in less than a year – by just owning ONE stock!”

Chaikin just announced the #1 A.I. stock to buy today, 100% free.

His work is featured on every Bloomberg and Reuter’s terminal on the planet, which cost over $24,000 a year to access.

But he’s agreed to make his new A.I. warning available to the public, free of charge.

Because according to Chaikin, even Americans sitting on the sidelines right now will be impacted by what’s coming.

Click here to access his new warning, and #1 A.I. stock recommendation.

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