Elon Musk Project Omega: Eric Fry’s Top AI Stocks Revealed

Have you heard about “Project Omega”? Elon Musk and a couple of other billionaires launched it a few years ago. This project could soon mint a new wave of millionaires, billionaires and even the world’s first trillionaire, while at the same time plunging millions of unprepared Americans into poverty.

Project Omega is going to have huge implications for you, no matter how much money you have, where you live, or what you do. Read further to learn why.

What Is Behind Elon Musk Project Omega?

We’re about to see a huge wealth transfer from those who are clueless to those who understand how to leverage this project. And YOU could be on the winning side of this wealth transfer if you know what to do.

Over the past decade or so AI was nothing more than an abstract concept. All that changed when ChatGPT went live last year. Similar to how the internet did in 1995, AI is now becoming widely used.

Elon Musk Project Omega

But there is a huge difference. AI getting adopted 42 times faster than the internet. We’ve never seen a technology being adopted this fast. Only a few months after it was released, The consumer software program ChatGPT experienced the fastest growth in history. The app has 100 million users in just two months.

AI is going to completely change every area of your life in the coming months and years. It will transform every industry – retail, marketing, customer service, leisure, logistics, banking, and defense are just a few examples.

Bottom line: Elon Musk just silently kicked off a $15.7 trillion megatrend. Eric Fry reveals three ways to position yourself correctly for it.

Who Is Eric Fry?

In professional circles, Eric is known for his extraordinary long-term track record, which includes numerous “10-bagger” calls, like buying Asian stocks during the depths of its late-90s currency crisis, buying Russian stocks during its debt-currency crisis, buying commodities in the early 2000s, right before their historic rally into 2007, and buying stocks in 2015 that would benefit from the Electric Vehicle boom, just at those stocks were gaining big momentum.

Eric’s record on the short side of the market is just as remarkable. He’s known for successfully shorting numerous technology stocks in 2000 and 2001, as those stocks sputtered toward bankruptcy…and for his predictions in 2005 and 2006 that the housing boom would go bust and drive government mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into bankruptcy.

Eric’s views and investment insights have appeared in numerous publications including Time, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Business Week, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Money. His book, International Investing With ADRs: Your Passport to Profits Worldwide, was the first comprehensive guide to investing in foreign companies using ADRs.

Eric Fry’s Three Steps To Take

Here are the steps he recommends you take immediately:

Step #1: Buy Shares of These 3 AI Dominators

Eric has already identified 3 companies that I believe will be the biggest winners of this AI revolution. You’ll find all details inside a special report called “The Top 3 Stocks for the AI Revolution.

Eric Fry Report - The Top 3 Stocks for the AI Revolution

Inside is his full analysis, along with company’s names and ticker symbols.

Recently, one of the businesses began utilizing AI to forecast the onset of illnesses enabling medical professionals to deal with health issues before they even arise.

Second company he is recommending is building the infrastructure that AI is built on.

You’ll also learn about a company that Eric believes will help take AI robots mainstream.

Step #2: Buy My Top 3 AI Moonshot Plays

You see, the biggest gains during this coming AI boom are not going to come from large, established players. The opposite, they will come from smaller companies that we have never heard of before.

Eric selected three of them with biggest potential and put all details in a special report “The AI Moonshots.”

Eric Fry Report The AI Moonshots

You will learn about a small business that is transforming the energy industry with artificial intelligence. (I’ll give you a hint: They’ve previously collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 firms in the United States, including Amazon and Walmart.)

Inside is information about the $5 stock that is leading the airline industry’s AI revolution.
– a business using artificial intelligence to locate metals underground without drilling, including gold. Recent new all-time highs in gold suggest that shares may shortly soar.

Step #3: Avoid These 3 AI Losers

We’ve entered a new world… the AI world. Large number of businesses will struggle to adapt. Eric has identified three companies that could go bankrupt because of AI. They are listed in the report “The Top 3 AI Losers: Avoid These Stocks Like The Plague.”

Eric Fry Report - The Top 3 AI Losers

Don’t touch these companies no matter how cheap they get.

You can get these reports when you give a try a no-risk trial subscription to Eric’s monthly investment newsletter, Fry’s Investment Report.

Eric Fry’s FREE Recommendation

When it comes to AI applications, healthcare is one of the most exciting areas. Medtronic is a leader in this space. They’re already using AI for their robotic-assisted surgery platforms, colonoscopy and endoscopy systems, and insulin pumps.

And now they just launched the only FDA-cleared “smart” insulin pen that uses AI to help type 1 diabetes patients who rely on multiple daily injections.

Keep in mind that Eric believes the biggest gains will come from the stocks he has selected in his special reports.

What Is Fry’s Investment Report?

Every month, Fry’s Investment Report shows its subscribers the new tech breakthroughs, including AI.

But it’s not just technology.

Eric and his team look for all the best opportunities in the market, “global macro strategy”. Another words, big-picture trends that drive huge, multiyear moves in entire sectors of the market.

Typically, in each issue of Fry’s Investment Report, they include our #1 recommendation for that month.

How Much Is Fry’s Investment Report?

Normally, Fry’s Investment Report would cost you $199 per year. Use this link to begin your trial today with just $49.

Take the next 365 days to try the research. If you’re not happy with your subscription for any reason let them know during the next year, and you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.

And you can keep all the special reports as a gift from Eric.

What Is Included in Fry’s Investment Report?

This exclusive membership offer includes:

  • One year of Fry’s Investment report.
  • Bonus Report #1: The Top 3 Stocks for the AI Revolution: Tap into Unprecedented Wealth. Includes 3 stocks perfectly positioned to ride the AI wave and potentially deliver huge returns.
  • Bonus Report #2: The AI Moonshots: 3 Speculative Plays That Could Make You 1,000%. You’ll learn about three artificial intelligence (AI) speculative plays that have the potential to make you a fortune.
  • Bonus Report #3: The Top 3 AI Losers: Avoid These Stocks Like The Plague: Safeguard Your Investments. Protect your hard-earned wealth by steering clear of these three companies poised to suffer in the AI revolution.
  • Bonus Report #4: The New 1,000% Portfolio: Unlock the Blueprint to Explosive Growth. Here you’ll find a model portfolio designed to help you maximize your gains in the age of AI.
  • Full access to the online archives at their members-only website.

Final Words

Elon Musk Project Omega is about to trigger a massive boom.  On the other side the new technology will drastically increase the wealth gap in ways you don’t even think are possible. It could also help usher in a new wave of socialism in America. Millions of unprepared Americans will fall into poverty. They will depend on a government welfare program known as Universal Basic Income.

Right now, the idea of Universal Basic Income is still radical for most Americans. But what happens when 300 million people lose their jobs to AI and automation? The very few who profit from this change might emerge from it richer than ever.

And as of right now, you have the choice of choosing a side.