Martin Weiss Prediction and Warning 2023

Are you curious about Martin Weiss prediction and warning for the financial world? This informative piece explores his views and what they could mean for you.

Dr. Martin Weiss and Weiss Ratings have been rating the nation’s banks for nearly four decades. After finding U.S. Government docket No. OP-1670 that exposes new Fed power to seize control of U.S. bank accounts, Weiss team believes that banking nightmare could get a lot worse.

They used their expertise and experience to find a solution for both savers and investors.

Martin Weiss Prediction and Warning 2023 – What Is It?

Throughout the years Weiss Rating has issued many warnings to save their follower’s investments. And this time, it’s not just Silvergate Bank, Sillicon Valley Bank, or Signature Bank that have gone bankrupt. It’s also not simply a few hundred other banks. Their warning today is about nearly every bank in America, whether large or small.

The official government document that they got an access to gives information about new program that grants unelected officials the power to closely monitor or even freeze your account based on your behavior, and potentially even based on your political views.

Martin Weiss Prediction and Warning

This seemingly innocuous document, which was never intended for the general public, provides them the authority to suspend your ability to pay others or be paid, as well as punish you with fees and fines.

Some of the top banks in the United States are already collaborating with our central bank, the Federal Reserve, to implement this as soon as feasible. Your bank is almost certainly already involved.

You do not have the option to “opt out.” And your money is in jeopardy unless you take Weiss Ratings’ four easy steps to protect your savings.

Hurry up, there is almost no time left.

The Federal Reserve has set a date for when banks will begin handing over this control. It could start as soon as July 2023.

But before we go through Weiss Ratings’ steps, we would like to give you some background info about Martin Weiss.

Who Is Martin Weiss?

Back in 1971, Martin Weiss founded my own investment research company to issue independent ratings on every bank, every stock, and every mutual fund in America.

Unlike Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch, which are paid by the firms to rate them, they do not accept payments from the companies they rate.

Their track record has attracted the attention of Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, Newsmax, and even The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal since they began openly disclosing their ratings and investment recommendations.

They have all applauded the accuracy of their ratings, as well as their unique ability to predict financial crises. The Wall Street Journal reported that investors who used their ratings could have made more money than if they had followed the ratings issued made by Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Standard & Poor’s, and every single other firm they reviewed.

And now Weiss Ratings have found out that the Federal Reserve will be the central engine in charge of all payment systems. It will have the power to control how people spend and receive money.

Over 100 banks have already agreed to assist with the rollout. You just cannot sit back and wait if you are an American citizen with a checking account. You must act immediately.

What Is Martin Weiss The Make Your Money Safe Again Solution?

It is important to start that “The make your money safe again solution” gives the control back into your hands. During the process you will have the chance to become wealthier.

Step 1: Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier.

You will find the entire solution in a new step-by-step report called “Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier”. In this report is explained exactly how to beat Fed Control. You will learn a unique way to keep your savings out of control of any bank.

Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier

Next, let’s talk about an asset Martin has been banging on about for over four decades: gold. He has already got his savings in gold.

Step 2: Tap The Ultimate Gold War Chest.

Tap The Ultimate Gold War Chest

As you read this report:

  • You’ll be confident in your abilities to find the best gold deals.
  • You’ll understand how to acquire gold properly and avoid the numerous frauds out there.
  • You’ll also understand how to properly keep your gold, as doing so incorrectly could result in you becoming a victim.
  • You may also make a lot of money with gold.

Quick note: Since Weiss Ratings began recommending gold, it’s gone up 450% in value, turning a $10,000 investment into $55,000. Plus, Martin is recommending a simple way to invest in gold that’s not actually buying the metal. He calls it “gold trick”.

This gold “trick” could multiply your wealth as global fears, supply-chain disruptions, and government surveillance get WORSE. One of the best parts of this trick is it’s often cheaper than buying gold, yet you could make more money.

Step 3: Beat The Looming Crisis With These 12 Stocks

Recently, Weiss Raitings has identified 12 companies that they expect to benefit from all the consequences of Fed manipulations and Fed Control.

They could not only help you to escape what the Fed’s doing but you will also be able to take advantage of the Fed’s present and future actions. A chance to turn them into opportunities to make money as they try to take away your freedom.

Their prediction is that in the next 2-3 years the shares of these companies could double or even triple.

If they are right about even just a few of these companies, then you have a pretty good chance to grow your wealth rapidly.

Beat The Looming Crisis With These 12 Stocks

All the details are revealed in a new report called “12 Inflation-Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months.”

You will learn exactly what this strategy is, including 12 stocks (names and tickers) you can buy today based on the strategy. This report tells you when and how to add them to your portfolio.

Step 4: Implement This Weird Way to Make Extraordinary Profits in a Financial Crisis.

Martin shared that his firm has been quietly studying an investment asset that has greatly outperformed stocks, bonds, and real estate.

You will learn exactly how to get in with their special bonus report, The Weird Way to Make Extraordinary Profits in a Financial Crisis.

Implement This Weird Way to Make Extraordinary Profits in a Financial Crisis

The profit potential is extraordinary. This approach has nothing to do with shorting stocks, buying options, or Bitcoin.

You can instantly download all four reports as part of the private membership called Safe Money.

Safe Money Report

What Is Safe Money Report?

For over 40 years, Safe Money has published lists of the most vulnerable public companies, ETFs and mutual funds BEFORE a crisis sent them plummeting. In the monthly Safe Money Report:

  • Members receive warnings about threats to their savings and retirement.
  • Subscribers have access to Safe Money model portfolio.
  • Weiss Ratings provide advance warnings that can make or break anyone’s financial future.
  • Plus, members receive lists of companies that are the most likely to THRIVE in the coming chaos.

Keep in mind that Safe Money Report covers more than just stocks. The team also dives deep into protecting and growing your 401(k) and IRA and every kind of investment it contains, including your real estate.

What Is Included With Safe Money Membership?

With your Safe Money membership, you will receive much more than just reports. You’ll become a part of a community of like-minded investors.  You will have direct access to some of the most powerful investing tools in the world. You also get premium access to all 53,000 of our Weiss Ratings, which we’ve sold separately for $248 per year.

Safe Money Membership

Safe Money Membership also includes:

  • Premium access to Weiss Ratings to check the safety of your bank or credit union.
  • Premium access to Weiss Ratings to check the safety of your insurance company.
  • Premium access to the Weiss Investment Ratings, giving you “buy” and “sell” signals for every stock, ETF or mutual fund you own or may wish to own.
  • YOU GET our complete Make Your Money Safe Again solution. That includes immediate access to your four bonus reports:

#1: Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier (sold separately for $79).
#2: The Ultimate Gold War Chest (sold separately for $79).
#3: 12 Inflation-Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months (sold separately for $79).
#4: The Weird Way to Make Extraordinary Profits in a Financial Crisis (also sold separately for $79).

  • A full year of monthly Safe Money Report (normally sold for $129) with their model portfolio together with a list of which ones to avoid.
  • 24/7 premium access to all 53,000 of our Weiss ratings — on nearly every bank, credit union, insurance company, stock, ETF and mutual fund in America, sold separately for $228 per year.
  • Weiss Ratings Daily — news alerts in your inbox every morning.

How Much Is Safe Money Membership?

Total value of all benefits is $673. Weiss Ratings offer two types of membership:

  • Premium Membership $68
  • Standard Membership $49

In fact, you don’t even have to make your final decision right now. You can take full advantage of everything offered for the next loud 365 days … and then decide.

Even if you cancel on the very last day of your membership, you can still get back every penny you’ve paid. And keep all four bonus reports, plus everything else you’ve received, will be yours just for giving Safe Money a try.

Final Words

Safe Money shows you how to protect and grow your wealth, while also keeping it safe from Fed Control, surveillance, or confiscation.

Of course, you can do this alone. But it is easier and safer if you know exactly what steps to take.

Weiss Ratings have done this for few decades with great success. Join them now.

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