What Is Nomi Prins #1 Stock For America’s New Era?

What #1 Stock For America’s New Era Is Nomi Prins Teasing? (Revealed). Nomi Prins Reveals Her “New American Era Blueprint” for Protecting & Profiting in 2022.

In this video, Nomi Prins, Former Goldman Sachs Director reveals the strange force strangling the middle class. Here you will hear what is coming next for America.

She is also giving for FREE the name and symbol of an investment folks have used to join “the new rich” creating over 100,000 new millionaires. Here are the details of why Nomi believes the biggest opportunity is yet to come.

What Is Nomi Prins America’s LAST Wealth Transfer?

A Strange Force (Not Inflation) Is taking The U.S. By Storm: Transferring Wealth From The Middle Class to The Rich… PhD Nomi Prins Uncovers What’s Happening and Reveals Her “New American Era Blueprint” for Protecting & Profiting in 2022.

Why life in America is about to hit a new extreme?

Nomi is warning of a strange new threat in America.

She believes that America is on the edge of a new catastrophe unlike anything we’ve seen since World War II. If you are caught off guard, it could spell disaster for your savings and the quality of your life.

On the other side, it could be the biggest opportunity you may ever see in your lifetime.

Which side you choose to be –  the ”new poor” or “the new rich”?

The Final Robbery Against Americans Is Taking Place Right Now

Nomi thinks this may very well go down as the biggest transfer of wealth in history. The biggest financial shift we’ve ever seen as a country.

The Federal Reserve, MIT, and The Bank of International Settlements have announced phase 1 of what they call “Project Hamilton.”

Our government replaces the physical bill completely with Central Bank Digital Currency. It is essentially the government’s version of cryptocurrency.

Nomi fears their next innovation will cause financial suffering and inequality. She believes this is a new secret strategy The Fed could use to transfer even more wealth from the middle class to the top 1%.

Nomi Prins #1 Stock For America’s New Era: The Future of the Digital Dollar

Our national banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and others, could gradually disappear because of this new central banking digital currency, making many of their services obsolete.

The Fed and the digital dollar could track every financial move you make. They can even restrict payments for some items they don’t want you to purchase.

Therefore, the former U.S. representative Dr. Ron Paul says: “The cashless society is the dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

And this is happening much faster than you think.

In a new Executive Order, Biden is urging the US to digitize the dollar with the utmost urgency.

So, a vast $40 trillion digital wealth transfer campaign is currently being waged against the American people.

What to expect?

Over the last two years alone the Fed has printed 80% of the dollars in existence today.

Nomi believes that their new plan to continue robbing the lower class is NOT to print more money but to lower the interest rates BELOW zero.

I know this sounds crazy with interest rates rising. To protect the 1% and prevent a depression, the Fed will eventually change course.

This is what they’ve done in every major crisis. Each time the market blows up, the Fed lowers the rates, and stock market blooms.

In short, Nomi believes the Fed will soon use their digital currency to help loan tens of trillions to Wall Street to continue propping up the stock market for the wealthy.

That’s how unprepared Americans will be forced to become “the new rich” or “the new poor”.

The Better Than Cash Alliance

Not only the Government and The Federal Reserve but also an organization called “The Better Than Cash Alliance” run by Bill Gates with partners over 75 countries around the world and corporations like Citi Group, Ford, MasterCard, Visa, and more.

Their goal is to “accelerate global transition from cash to digital payments”.

This initiative is spreading around the Globe.

90 central banks are planning the digitalization of their currency.

80% of global banks are exploring digital currency.

All told, 105 nations are transitioning to digital currencies.

The biggest investment opportunities in history have always arisen during periods of radical change like this.

Because a significant influx of fresh money is currently flowing into some industries…

Additionally, money is currently leaving other, “outdated,” industries.

Nomi Prins Steps To Prepare Yourself

Step One: Make sure everyone owns a small stake in Bitcoin.

It cannot be printed and manipulated like the U.S. Dollar. There is a maximum of 21 million bitcoin in supply. And as long as the Fed keeps feeding the wealthy, the use of bitcoin will only grow.

Bitcoin has already made up to 100,000 new millionaires, is currently trading for the lowest price in years, and will continue to rise over time to new highs.

Nomi Prins #1 Stock For America’s New Era

Step Two: Nomi found one of the best opportunities she has seen since she worked at Goldman Sachs. Everything you need to know is in a new blueprint called The #1 Stock For America’s New Era: How to Collect a 500% Return As History’s Biggest Wealth-Shift Dominates The Nation

She believes one single stock holds the power to create wealth for early investors.

This stock is one of the few in the market to pull in profits, quarter after quarter. That’s why the world’s biggest institutions are piling in.

You’ve probably noticed how popular investments that soared over the past years are crashing suddenly. The reason is that $40 trillion has being directed away from these popular stocks into a handful of companies.

Nomi and her team dedicated their research to follow this trillion-dollar trail.

And what they’ve found is astounding.

One company stands behind the switch to new digital decentralized banking.

Their research indicates this stock is poised to soar in the months ahead.

It could become one of the biggest decentralized banks in the world.

The prediction is this stock could soon grow to 500 million new accounts. This is two times more than Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citigroup combined.

According to the Nasdaq, this stock may be worth $1 trillion.

Two Blockchain Plays Powering the Future of Global Finance

Step Three: Make sure to read Nomi’s second urgent blueprint she has finished recently. It is called: Two Blockchain Plays Powering the Future of Global Finance.

At the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland the world’s most powerful billionaires discussed different topics such as clean energy, metaverse, consumer lifestyle, etc. Publicly they’ve trashed blockchain, while quietly piling into the technology.

The World Economic Forum has just projected blockchain to be a $867 trillion disruption.

But you would never hear this from mainstream news like CNBC or CNN.

Nomi says she is confident this is a strong way to position yourself, because the world is going fully digital.

Nomi Prins The New American Era Masterclass

Step Four: Full uncensored access to Nomi’s newest video series called The New American Era Masterclass.

Here she brakes down some of the key mysteries of the financial system, our economy, where markets are headed next, and many more. Including some of their readers most requested questions.

Nomi Prins Distortion Report Discount

Step Five: Get 75% off Nomi’s newest monthly newsletter that will guide you for years to come. It is called Distortion Report.

 What is included in Distortion Report?

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How much is Distortion Report?

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Final words

If you want full uncensored access to all of Nomi’s research & financial recommendations, you can find it here. Keep in mind that you have 60 days 100% money back guarantee.


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